13 Reasons Women Come Off As Batshit Crazy To Men

The male population should be satisfied when I say that women do just as many dumb things as men. While these things may happen far less often, and a majority of the time caused by something a man has done, we do have moments of stupidity and ridiculousness. As a woman, I can honestly admit that we all have experiences where we have looked back and thought, “Why did we let our ovaries take over our mind on that one…?”

Women are kind, nurturing, fun-loving creatures, until you tell us we look fat in our yoga pants, take away our Salt & Vinegar chips, or blatantly flirt with the waitress in front of us, and then you might lose a testicle. I have said it before and I will say it again, we are NOT as complicated as you make us out to be. We may be a little absurd at times, we may even be *occasionally* dramatic and we may be a little crazy now and then, but mostly, we are misunderstood.

Here are the 13 ridiculous things women do that are definitely misunderstood:

  1. We overthink. We will over analyze your texts, Facebook pokes, and Snapchats to the point that we are losing our minds because we do not understand your lack of concrete communication. Example – You stop texting all of a sudden. While you may have just lost interest and didn’t know how to end it, or your phone died and don’t have access to a charger, we have a wide range of thoughts; you dropped your phone in a lake, you thought we lost interest in you, or you were kidnapped.
  2. We cry… A lot. A rude comment, a Hallmark commercial, cute animal videos, Taylor Swift with yet another break up, a sale at Victoria’s Secret… We cry when we are happy, we cry when we are sad. We can become just a blubbering basket case full of emotions. Come prepared with some tissues, chocolate, or possibly an apology.Image result for i love lucy gif
  3. We can create a problem out of nothing. Don’t worry, we’ll overanalyze this later and see we were wrong for crying over you not understanding why it was a big deal to run out of Green Tea, but we need you to just understand it is an emotional time and let it go.                   Image result for new girl tea gif
  4. We are at times too “passionate.” Maybe we shouldn’t yell at you and say, “That’s fine that you are ‘too tired’ to see me. I bet my booty call isn’t.” Maybe we shouldn’t throw objects at you either, but we just want to get our point across to you at any expense. Even if that means breaking our phone in the process. It’s not like you were responding anyway.Image result for angry girls gifs
  5. We are built with reproductive organs that make us Satan 3 to 7 days a month. Yes, we may threat to harm you or just burst into tears at the drop of a Dorito, but you can blame our baby makers for that range of emotions. Just never ask if we are on our period or you will find out what Satan is like personally.Image result for new girl tea gif
  6. We don’t get over things easily. We remember everything. Every little thing. Every detail of every day and we will hold it over your head at any time. The fight is never really over; the unfinished business will be brought back up on a later date when you screw up again.Image result for not over it gif
  7. We tell you too much info. We may tell you every detail about our day, and sometimes overshare a little, but it’s only because we want you to know and we want to hear the same thing from you. Image result for jennifer lawrence gifs
  8. We don’t tell you enough. “It’s cool.” “I’m fine.” “No worries.” This is what we would call pissed lingo. It’s never cool, we are never good, and yes, you should worry.Image result for angry girls gifs
  9. We will try to “change” you. We are hopeful that you will get our of your “bad boy” stage, your “drinking” stage or your “I like you, but don’t want a girlfriend” stage for us. We know what we are getting into, but we are always hopeful that we can get you to change to include us in your life.  Image result for gifs about romance novels
  10. We have “romantic comedy” high expectations. Blame Nicholas Sparks for this. We have set the bar high, hoping that men will meet or (preferably) exceed it. We are waiting for you to start a flash mob for us or something out of The Notebook, so when you can’t even follow through with a simple date, we turn back to our romantic comedies to ease our heartache. And the vicious cycle begins again.   Image result for maybe he likes me gif
  11. We expect you to be mind readers. We expect you to know what we are thinking at any given moment. Rather than just telling you, we expect you to pick up on the subtle hints or blatant signs that we put right in front of your face.Image result for why doesn't he understand gif
  12. We are too trusting. We give it away too easy. We believe men when it comes to sexting, monogamy, or when they say they are working 900 hours a week for the next year… We are way too trusting that you will do what you say you are going to do and believe you when you say you will not, because that is just how we are built.  Image result for i trusted him gif
  13. We are better detectives than the FBI. Truly a gift and a curse. You tell us we are “crazy” when we accuse you of talking to other women, but give us five minutes, a computer and some rage and we will have every detail about your new bimbo, down to her favorite color. Just remember gentlemen, if you think you are being sneaky, think again…Image result for women are crazy gif

As hard as it is to admit, ladies have just as many downfalls as men do. We may be a tad crazy, a little overwhelming at times, and far more dramatic, but we are also something to be appreciated. All we want to do is be loved and give that love back in return; we just sometimes have a weird way of showing it.

Don’t hate us for wanting you to want us as much as we want you and going about it in ridiculous ways. Also, do something a little out of character now and then to show us you are still interested. A date, a pie, or a Nicholas Spark movie night should do the trick!Image result for thank you gif

Featured Image via screen grab from Silver Linings Playbook. 


  1. Yup, all correct, and that’s why I no longer associate with women. See, I told you I was right! Don’t ever expect us to put up with this B.S. We’ve discovered life is MUCH better without you.

    • I work at a hospital, I was taking my break and a hot nurse sat down near me, called her boyfriends/sugar daddy or something and broke down on the phone with him. ” I WANT A BABY WADDYWADDA BOUHOUHOUHOU”

      How the fuck am I supposed to react? Of course I act like it’s not my business because it totally is not and I DO NOT CARE but bitch could have sat down EVERYWHERE ELSE.

      In what kind of society is it acceptable to break down and start crying randomly in front of strangers/coworkers?

      It’s like they are animals/beasts rather than humans. Now don’t get me wrong men can be beast/animals too but it feels like for each crazy ass wannabe alpha “badboy” there’s like 10 crazy ass women.
      As author said women literally create their own problems. They do stupid shit because they think the world is their playground(same as pseudo alphas aka badboy thugs) and expect captain save a hoe to come out and save them. What the actual fuck?

      I mean what the fuck tbh she did that shit during break time which is theorically on her own time but WTF does she have to emote in front of everyone?

      Whatever man I don’t even emotionally react to that shit anymore, I just mentally find it quite sad and annoying.

  2. Most all Women are a pain in the ass, as you get older you will start to think, WTF. am I doing with this bitch that constantly causes havic, static and mis- managed imagination, misfortune anger and resentment… LOL now that you have pulled your head out of your ass and no longer think with your dick. because your testostrone lever has dropped, you you realize they are not worth it, which leads you realize you actually have a brain, afterwhich you will then proceed to realize a plan to free yourself from your own stupid shit!!! after that, then you will think, glory hallula you’ve made ti to the other side, and now worthy of your own self respect because you have freed yourself from yourself…

    • Sometimes I look back at the american dream and wave at it.

      It’s sad that we are watching society crumbles and break down, making future generations and children pay for it but then again it’s not our problems.

      Awareness watching awareness is everything. Let’s watch the world burn down as we reach Nirvana and the pure state of no fucks given. Let the stupid badboys deal with the women, they fit them quite well in the end.

  3. Never married and proud of it. No pain and my money remains with me. Stay single and the world is yours gentlemen. As others have stated…it isn’t worth it.

  4. This is just hilarious that you think we don’t know all this stuff. And it’s pathetic that you think you get a hall pass just be offering a few lame excuses.

    You’re making light of these issues, but these aren’t funny, bitch. Emotional abuse is not funny. Physical abuse (which you hinted at) is not funny. Blaming PMS when the fact is you’re just a bitch is not funny. Every mature woman I know handles PMS just fine. Spoiled little girls do not. Not being able to control your moods like an adult isn’t funny or cute. Expecting us to read minds and to act like rom-com guys is just plain stupid.

    It’s one thing to admit your faults, but it’s another to make light of them and act like that’s just the way you are, and that men should just accept it. That’s a big fat NO. Men are increasingly rejecting women these days, and you know it. We are not going to settle, and you are not going to change us any more than we can change you. Wow – you sure have a low opinion of your gender, and also of men if you expect us to want to be with you.

    Women today have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING good to offer men. Nothing. So do as both a favor and just fuck right off.

  5. The author’s comments and ‘opinions’ seem to come from someone that is still young and inexperienced with life. As we age, we become more worldly and experienced with life. The two sexes are completely and uniquely different. There is also a difference between, ‘men’ and ‘boys’ and ‘women’ and ‘young girls’… Females, are extremely ‘complicated’ compared to males, and it’s not a hormonal issue. Having raised five children, two boys, and three girls, I can stay without question that my son’s were a breeze, while my daughter’s were a tropical storm of epic proportions. Perhaps, when this author is in her 60s she can reflect on her life, and her experiences and rewrite this article, rather than asserting what she read in a text book.

  6. I am really sure a Man wrote this stereotypical pile. Some disgruntled individual much like the ones responding above. Certainly there are females on the spectrum of crazy, just as there are males, but not all of us and certainly not all of the time. I’m sorry that you got hurt. That really does suck. Just as it would be silly and ridiculous to lump all men into the “name your typical male stereotype” pile, all women are not the same either. Maybe there is something within you that keeps attracting you to the ones who are crazy? Maybe your narrow view of women has limited how they are allowed to show up for you in life? To be certain, like attracts like. If you want to attract the best athletes, you better have a great program. If you want to run the best software, your hardware better be up to spec.

    • No, you’re wrong–and Bat-Shit crazy.

      For the record, I’m totally sick and tired of accommodating the 100% unnecessary bullshit many, if not MOST, women impose on men.

      I’m out, and you can go fuck yourself.

  7. You’ve given men 13 excuses why women are a total pain in the ass.

    Nothing more.

    Men are pain, but women can be intolerable. More so as they age!

  8. I am here because I am looking for the scientific answer to why all women are psycho. I believe they can be normal but they choose not to. At first I went down the path thinking that they make problems out of nothing to get us angry or get us to a hysterical state so that we can feel the insecurities they constantly feel. I then thought it might be seeking attention or wanting to be loved more. I then read that the X chromosome is almost entirely Neanderthal. They have two X chromosomes and their genes are made up of a combination of both. The Y chromosome in the male is 100% human (0% Neanderthal). No gene from the human y-chromosome was found in Neanderthals.

    This scientific explanation might just be that they are not human and they can only make problems and not solutions. The best you can hope for if that they are obedient and can do simple tasks to be helpful.

    Anyway, to the men reading this, it is true that you become a philosopher after being married. You kind of have to experience the burn of marriage to understand the world better.

    Self reliance, a good work ethic, good friends, a charity. You don’t need anything else.

  9. Well I don’t think women are worth the cost of admission. We have to be perfect and none of us are they one the other hand can’t live within means. If you marry your money becomes our money they’re money will stay theirs and your have to clean up their credit cards debt. If you don’t they divorce you and take 1/2 the equity in the house you paid for.

  10. try living with a woman for 15 years who is schizophrenic and doesn’t want to take her meds consistently … then you will truly know what batshit fucking crazy women are like … actually she is just like most women i meet except she is certified crazy

  11. Written by a woman blaming men. That was clear in the first paragraph.

    The reality is both men and women are wrong 50% of the time. The reality is also that women think it’s 90%+ the man and never them. That’s the cause of many problems. The point is men are wrong often, but it’s just as often as women are wrong. Women are seldom held accountable, especially beautiful ones, and that why they are grossly immature until much older. I know this is contrary to public discourse, but it’s still true

    Don’t like what I said, that means you are part of the problem and clearly too immature to recognize the truth in what I said.


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