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12 Hilarious Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs

If you’ve ever worked at least a day in your life, then you know how frustrating jobs...

11 Times Phoebe Buffay Perfectly Described Your Life

When you hear the name Phoebe, who do you immediately think of? Personally, I think of Phoebe...

18 Definite Signs That You’re Obsessed With Halloween

Move over Christmas, Halloween is really the most wonderful time of the year.

A Day Of Working At A Restaurant As Told By “The Gilmore Girls”

Working in a restaurant is an experience to say the least. There’s hardly ever a dull moment....

Global Cat Day: New Research Shows That Kitties Do Love People

We all know that famous stereotype about cats. They only give us attention when they’re hungry or...

Why Iced Coffee Is The Most Incredible Drink, As Told By GIFs

Most people usually attribute coffee’s magical, rejuvenating powers to its caffeine. However, even I, a consistent decaf...

43 Truths About Adulting That We Can All Relate To

As the years go by, we notice that some things in our lives change as we become...

And Ode To All The Things You’ve Lost Inside Your Car

With so many technological distractions at our fingertips, it’s easy to imagine that our memories are deteriorating....

4 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Shamu The Whale

Unless you’re a SeaWorld fanatic, you probably didn’t know that September 26th is National Shamu the Whale...

In Honor Of National Kiss Day, Here Are 7 Hilarious First Kiss Stories

Whether it was good, bad, or uneventful, most of us probably remember our first kiss (unless it...

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