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How The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Proves The System Works For White Men

In August 2020, then-17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two men at a protest against the police’s murder of...

Jury Selection Begins For Ahmaud Arbery Trial: What’s Happened So Far

“I’m focused on justice,” Arbery Sr. said. “I know my son was lynched by a white mob.” Ahmaud Arbery was...

Children Left Behind: 140,000 Kids Lost Their Primary Caregiver To COVID

A study released today by the Journal Pediatrics says that 140,000 kids lost their primary caregiver to COVID. “This means...

The Taliban Took Control Of Afghanistan, And Here’s Why It Matters

The Taliban — or "students" in Pashto — has gained control of the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. This came...

National Camera Day: Let’s Celebrate The History

Say cheese! It’s June 29th, which means it is National Camera Day.  Photography is part of our everyday lives today....

Why Transgender Athletes Are Not A Threat To Women’s Sports

Texas has joined a list of 30 states considering bills to ban transgender girls from participating in sports that...

Demi Lovato To Star In New Eating Disorder Comedy Series ‘Hungry’

It’s happening: Demi Lovato is headed back to television! NBC recently confirmed a pilot order for a new comedy...

Defund The Police: The True Human Toll Of Racism In American Policing

In a year filled with a pandemic, economic uncertainty, and political turmoil, Americans are experiencing one of its racist pillars...

What Are Puberty Blockers & Why Are States Banning Them?

This month, the Arkansas state legislature set a painful and horrifying precedent when they passed anti-trans bill that went...

Why Society Needs To Take Care Of Our Black Men

In the United States, Black men are often stereotyped as a menace to society. We stereotype them as gang-affiliated,...

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