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Disney+ Is Here & It’s Everything Walt Imagined And More

It's the day we've all been waiting for: Disney+ has finally arrived!

Back It On Up, T.I., Because No Daddy Needs To Do This Sh*t

Rapper T.I. is receiving backlash after he vocalized one of his parenting techniques in an interview, and...

Emma Watson Just Created a New Dating Term For Single People That’s Empowering AF

Attention to, as Beyonce says, all the single ladies: There's a new relationship status in town!

Why I’m So Proud Of Jenelle Evans For Her Divorce Announcement

We can all breathe a massive sigh of relief in her honor, because Jenelle Evans finally filed...

My Chemical Romance Fans Are Losing It After Announcement Of Reunion Show

They'll carry onnnnnnnn! Popular mid 2000's punk emo band My Chemical Romance surprised...

How Watching This Early 2000s Sitcom Pulled Me Out Of My Darkness

We all hit difficult points in our lives at times. Last year, I hit one of those...

Here Are The Deats On The Hallmark Channel’s ‘Countdown To Christmas’

Did you tune in to the Hallmark Channel this weekend to start your countdown to Christmas?

The Best Celebrity Costumes Of Halloween Weekend 2019

Halloween is a time for everyone to dress up and pretend who they are. Traditionally us regular...
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Vs. The Biebers: A Timeline Of Their Heated Feud

Selena Gomez is stirring up the pot again by releasing not one, but two new singles. Not...

Why Netflix’s “Unbelievable” Is The Wake-Up Call We Need To Stop Rape Culture

In 2008, a masked intruder broke into Marie Adler’s apartment and repeatedly raped her for hours. After...

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