What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Brunch Order

I believe in the zodiac signs. Yes, I know that sometimes it’s inaccurate on the day-to-day basis but it’s generally pretty accurate about the person as a whole. Because of this, I’ve compiled a list of brunch orders for you based on your zodiac sign so you don’t have to worry about it on those sunny summer days. Branch out of your brunch comfort zone and enjoy your breakfast. Brunch is about treating yourself, so do it!


You are clever, witty, and energetic, but you’re also somewhat superficial, indecisive, and impulsive so ordering brunch is never very easy for you. Always go with something versatile – something with a lot of flavors. Go with a breakfast pizza with different colored veggies and textures. Try a new cheese in it every so often. Pizza allows for smaller bites so that you can continue being your chatty self while eating.


The Cancer is forever loyal, caring, and dependable. But you can sometimes be clingy or overly sensitive, so your favorite brunch place probably knows your order by now. You’re a natural nurturer, so comfort food is your calling. With crepes or pancakes, you can never go wrong. Try different fillings every once in a while. Go with strawberries instead of bananas in your crepes, or blueberries instead of chocolate in your pancakes. Never deprive yourself of that delicious syrup though because it accents your sweet personality perfectly.


You, Leo, are confident, ambitious, and generous, but you can sometimes be stubborn and melodramatic. You crave bold flavors out of all your meals, and brunch is no exception. To get those bold flavors and that confidence for your day, an omelet full of fresh veggies will start your day off right. You will have all the energy you could possibly need for your jam-packed day. Get ready to face it, Leo!


Virgos are notoriously helpful, observant, and reliable. Sometimes, though, you can be inflexible or fussy. A simple fruit parfait allows you to enjoy the sweetness of brunch without weighing you down throughout the day. A healthy parfait keeps it all natural for you, which is often what you prefer most. It offers you soft flavors while still supplying you with all those healthy nutrients!


Libra, you are so graceful, diplomatic, and peaceful. But like the Gemini, you can sometimes be a little indecisive. You are very classy and anything with chocolate is attractive to you. Going with chocolate covered waffles helps you keep your carbs with your brunch, but also gives you those rich flavors of that chocolate. If you get it with a side of fruit, you can feel extra classy, with a bonus of that healthy kick!


The Scorpio is so passionate, resourceful, and dynamic, but sometimes you can be suspicious or jealous. Every bite of your brunch should have a purpose – nutrition wise or taste wise. That fried egg sandwich is perfect for you. It has fresh veggies on it, and it’s full of delicious flavors. Instead of those potatoes, though, try the side of fruit instead. You need that sweetness in the morning to keep you happy and energetic throughout the day.


You are independent, endlessly kind, and adventurous, but you can sometimes be too blunt or unemotional, Sagittarius. Your adventurous side craves something exceedingly new at brunch. You never order the same thing twice – at least not the exact same thing. Go for the quiche of the week – be it filled with cheese and bacon or peppers and chicken. The varying flavors in the quiche is a perfect way for you to start your week off right.


Capricorns are responsible, patient, and ambitious, but sometimes they are distrusting or inhibited. You should probably order that blueberry oatmeal with a bit of brown sugar to mix in if you need it. The flavor is perfect, and it’s deliciously nutritious for a day filled with manageable responsibility but you’ll need your energy!


The Aquarius is clever, original, and inventive, but they can occasionally be too sarcastic or aloof. Go for that burger with a fried egg on top. It’s fresh, and tasty. But more than that, it’s the perfect mix of your personality. It’s a new kind of flavor that you’ve been craving all week, and now it’s right in front of you! Add a bit of bacon if you’re worried about originality, but I think you’ll like it just fine either way.


You, Pisces, are accepting, imaginative, and devoted, but you can sometimes be lazy or self-pitying. You need those delicious bites of French toast…now. Not only will it taste amazing, but you’ll crave that little kick of cinnamon in the toast. The whip cream topping is the perfectly sweet way you can start your day off right.


You are forever generous, optimistic, and courageous, Aries. But look out for the days that you’re sometimes too impatient or impulsive. You crave food with bold, rich flavors. Try that breakfast quesadilla you’ve been eyeing, or those huevos rancheros. You want your brunch food to have a kick to it – to start your day off with a wealth of flavors to keep you going throughout the day.


The Taurus is persistent, dependable, and patient, but sometimes they are also materialistic or possessive. You need something with bold undertones in flavor. Those pumpkin spice pancakes on the menu are full of the perfect mixture of sweet as well as savory. Don’t hold back on that order, Taurus. If you want it, get it.

Next time you sit down for brunch, you can be a little more relaxed, because you know exactly what to eat to start your day off right.

Enjoy your brunch!!

Featured image via Helena Lopes on Pexels


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