5 Sneaky Ways You Can Wear Workout Clothes To Any Occasion

Leggings and yoga pants have been deemed the most comfortable form of bottoms since the dawn of time. We’ve come a long way from the days of the fold over waistbands at VS Pink and now have tops, jackets, and accessories to match. But what’s the point of those cute ensembles if they’re only shown off at a spin class or the free weight section of the gym? Here are 5 ways easy ways to incorporate these cute, comfy looks into your daily wardrobe.

1. Built-in-bra racerbacks

God’s second gift to the females on earth – if layered properly, these are acceptable for almost all occasions. When needed for a more professional occasion, add a cardigan or blazer to cover your shoulders and labels. If heading out for drinks or errands, pair it with jeans and a fun scarf or jewelry. You’ll be braless without looking sloppy! What better feeling is there than that? These tops have some really fun scoop backs, strappy details, and bold patterns so that you can feel cute no matter where your day takes you.

2. Track jacket

Cool and casual and ready for any adventure. These are best used as a light travel layer when weather is permitting. Without hiding all your curves behind a puffer jacket, you can stay cozy in these zip ups that come in all colors under the sun. The collar stays close to the neck and most sleeves have thumb holes; these details provide maximum coverage and keeps you warm on those chilly nights! To dress up that look pair these with high-waisted black, or dark denim, skinnies, and some ankle boots to give you legs for days.

3. Jogger pants

These are making waves in all fabric types. The sweatpants are still just as trendy as the silk or chiffon ones and make the perfect pants showing off those wedge sneakers. With just enough ankle showing and the cuff right under your calf, wearing these with a wedge gives your legs an ultra buff look.The waistband sits a bit higher than the hip which makes them perfect for cropped tops and a denim or leather jacket. Keep the accessories light for the “I woke up like dis” look.

4. Fitted long sleeves

Those workout tops have amazing slimming powers! Why would you not wear them to the bar!? They tuck in very easily, giving the illusion of a leotard without all the annoyance when you have to use the bathroom. Another plus – when you’re sweaty AF from dancing, no one will be able to tell! The material is literally made to absorb sweat. You’ll be the brightest, most patterned girl at the party and you’ll be so comfortable it’ll feel like you’re at home in sweats.

5. Those fresh new sneaks

Us ladies love our shoe collection, and sneakers are no exception. Between classic styles and colors to the companies that let you design your own, a pair of kicks can tell a story about the person who’s wearing them. Now that working out is what all the kids are doing these days, by rocking those sneakers, you’re not only giving your feet, knees, and back support, but you’re making everyone think you’re healthy. Passerbyers will be like, “Wow they’re so great and motivated; I’m so envious of their drive.” and you will never feel more confident about all those double takes you’re getting.

We all have those I’d-rather-be-anywhere-but-here days that call for a bend in the rules. Make sure to pair up the right items and you can get away with comfortable and stylish looks every now and again. For optimum use of workout clothes, sign up for a class and show off your favorite top and bottom combination to the fitness gurus.

Featured image via Karolina Grabowska on Pexels


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