a codependent relationship

The Difference Between Being Devoted To Your Partner Vs. Being Codependent

In a healthy relationship, both people depend on each other. That mutual dependence makes both people in the relationship...

To The Girl Who Was A One Night Stand, You’re So Much More Than That

In some cases, you might have been the rebound for that guy or girl, just someone to use to...

Why A New Relationship Won’t Heal Your Broken Heart

You probably chose to read this article because you just got out of a serious relationship. Whether it lasted...

7 Men Reveal The Real Reason They Dumped The Love Of Their Lives

Breaking up is hard for both men and women, but it's especially hard to get over a breakup with...

How To Break Up With Someone Without Completely Devastating Them

Everyone dreads a breakup because a broken heart always follows. You may feel like you can never move on...

What Not To Do If You Realize Your Partner Is A Sociopath

You've been living in insanity. Your partner seems to randomly lash out or give you the silent treatment —...

Had A Bad First Time? Here Are 4 Ways To Improve Sex With Your Love Interest

Movie and TV dramas hail the “first time” as this magical, life-altering moment. They tell us that once you...

Why I’m Waiting Until Marriage To Have Sex For The First Time

Waiting until marriage to have sex has been both an unspoken and spoken rule for a long time. Religion,...

What To Do If You Are Pressured To Cheat In Your Relationship

Have you recently noticed that your partner is oddly encouraging or even pressuring you to interact with your past...

The Top 50 Most Romantic Love Songs, According To Women

Though some women have a tendency to complain about the lack of romantic skills they find to be true...

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