Woman Showing Off Personal Style

How To Define Your Personal Style In A World Of Fast Trends

In the evolving realm of fashion where trends come and go like the changing seasons there exists a concept...

Sorry, Not Sorry: The Confessions Of A Girly Girl

I have a confession to make. I’m a girly girl.  Wait, that’s the title!  Let’s try this. Hi, I’m Laura, and...

How To Find A Stunning Engagement Ring Within Your Budget

As I sat across from my partner, nervously fidgeting with the small velvet box in my pocket, I couldn't...

5 Simple Ways To Transform Your Style

Personal style is a great way to showcase your mood and identity. Like your personality, your fashion choices can...
Woman Selecting Fashion Gifts

8 Fashion Gifts For Women To Thrive In The Workplace

The workplace is an arena where women get to express themselves and define who they are and what they...

It is Just A Cup. You Need to Calm Down.

It sounds completely unbelievable, but the hottest trend right now isn’t a meme or a TikTok dance; it’s a...
Woman With Bucket Hat

The Bucket Hat Is Here To Stay: How You Should Style It

Styling a bucket hat for everyday wear is an art that allows for endless creativity. Whether you're aiming for...

The Self-Checkout Dilemma: Why Convenience Comes At A Cost

When self-checkout debuted, I was in awe. I’m an extroverted introvert, so while I loved to shop, I was...

Why You Should Skip Fast Fashion Gifts This Holiday Season

A popular fast fashion clothing brand, SHEIN has caught the eyes of Gen Z and millennials. Social media platforms...

How the Body Positivity Movement Is Ignoring Mid-Size Women

Right now, inclusivity is a pillar of the body positivity movement. With brands promoting unretouched photos and self-love campaigns,...

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