What I Learned From My Ex-Boyfriend Dumping Me On Valentine’s Day

It all started with a small crush. At the time, my ex-boyfriend didn't know because we were just acquaintances throwing out corny jokes here...

How To Respond When Your Partner Asks About Your Sexual History

Disclosing your sexual past to a partner is a rather slippery slope. If you meet someone you’d like to pursue a relationship with, your...

I Left My Toxic Job & It’s Time That You Do Too

If you asked me before this past summer what my worst job was, I would have said my two summers as a ride operator...

The Pandemic Has Made Us Stop Caring About Fashion & I Am Here For...

Even before the pandemic started, I was never really into spending money on clothing. Now, however, I’m elated to experience the reality that I...

10 Creative Projects You Should Try for National Craft Month

When we hear March, most of us think of St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Believe it or not, March...

What Every New Mom Needs To Know About Self-Care

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone joked that there would be a COVID baby boom, but we ended up...

Want To Pursue OnlyFans? 3 Tips To Get You Started

OnlyFans is a site that allows people to sell subscriptions for the content that they create, which is exclusively...

5 Reasons Gen-Z Has Declared Side Parts Are Dead

Growing up, I’ve always parted my hair on the side for many reasons. Sometimes, I’d do it to hide...

I Quit My Job Because Of Anti-Maskers And I Don’t Regret It

Cashiering for an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic was a struggle on its own, but my chronic health...

Your Soulmate Is Already In Your Life, Just Look Around

We always imagine our soulmate to be our spouse. Someone we’re in a relationship with, and someone who’s always...

I Found Boxers In My Girlfriend’s Hamper That Weren’t Mine

I found boxers in my girlfriend's hamper ... and they weren't mine.  I'll admit that this sounds bad. OK,...

I Wished For My Ex-Husband To Die, But Then It Tragically Happened

When I first met Olivier, I knew he wasn’t the one. We weren't meant for a long term relationship....

I’m Sick Of The Body Positivity Movement Telling Me I Should Love My Body As Is

Every January, I received dozens of emails from PR reps pushing their “lose weight and get the perfect body”...

4 Ways Being In An Interracial Relationship Gave Me A Different Perspective

I have been in an interracial relationship for over seven years. I am a 26-year-old Indian American woman from...

3 Important Lessons I Learned After Quitting My Last Job

Last summer, I spent my first few months as a new college graduate in a retail job (we’ll call...

5 Tips To Having The Best Sex While High

Sometimes, having sex can be complicated.  Many people deal with boring sex lives due to various reasons. Marijuana can...

How To Tell Someone You’re Not Interested (In A Nice Way)

The most dreadful part about dating is having to tell someone you're not interested. Figuring out exactly how to tell...

8 Classic TV Show Theme Songs That’ll Never Get Old

We all have our favorite shows. However, only some of us have theme songs from TV shows that we...

5 Benefits That Come With Listening To Audiobooks

Sometimes, we need a new activity or hobby to try. Listening to music and watching Netflix are great ways...

How It Really Feels To Be Uninspired

The winter months are when seasonal affective disorder sets in. We all know that feeling by many names —...

What You Absolutely Need To Remember When Applying For A New Job

We’ve all been searching for a job in a market that seems out of our reach at least once....

12 Definite Signs Your Friend With Benefits Is Catching Feelings

Guys can be very hard to read, particularly if you’re trying to gauge where you stand with them. Sometimes,...

5 Ways To Deal With Burnout In The Middle Of The Semester

If you’re an active student like I am, you probably notice that burnout happens way more often than you...

This Is How I Finally Reclaimed My Femininity

I spent a lot of years really hating myself. Like a lot of other people, I started this downward...

How You Know That It’s Finally Time To Find A New Job

Have you ever had a job that you dread going to? Did you count down the hours until you...

4 Things To Do If Your Relationship Has Lost The Spark

Being in a relationship that lacks love, freshness, vitality, or even compatibility is nothing but a juggernaut obstacle in...

The Most Underrated Things To Do During The Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, people are still spending the majority of their time at home. As a result,...

How This Simple Piece Of Advice Helped Me Feel Confident In My Body

Like most people, I felt insecure about my body during my teenage years. Looking back, there was nothing wrong...

The Best Friendship That I Have Comes From My Relationship

I’ve officially been with my boyfriend for the past three and a half years. We’ve been through our ups...

Kindness Changed My View Of The World, Here’s How

When you grow up in a life full of trauma, most genuine acts of kindness seem suspicious. They make...

11 Cute Things To Say If You’re Not Ready To Say I Love You Back

You might not be ready to say the L word, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or don’t appreciate...

10 Lessons I Learned From Being A Horrible Boss

I fired eight people in eight years of owning my business. In the scheme of owning a company, it's...

America Has Always Been Divided — Just Look At Our History

Donald Trump’s second impeachment has brought to light the Capitol attack from January, which is still fresh in our...

5 Assumptions Made About Long-Term Relationships That Are Just Wrong

While marriage dates back to biblical times, it underwent a dramatic transformation in the modern era. What we call...

Looking To Improve Your Sleep? We Have A Solution For You

Every night my boyfriend and I have a joking argument about keeping the window open at night. Bear in...

I Successfully Grease-Trained My Hair And Here’s How You Can Do It Too

I’m one of those people who have struggled with their hair their entire lives. When I was 17, my...

When He’s Ready For Marriage & Kids, But You’re Not

Dating is tricky — there’s no doubt about it. One of the most important parts of dating is making...

5 Signs That Your Relationship Isn’t ‘Too Good To Be True’

For a lot of us, mediocre relationships are nothing new. We know what it’s like to be with a...

Remote Learning Can Be Tough: 5 Tips To Avoid Burnout

If you are a student, you probably experience burnouts quite often. However, most burnouts usually occur mid-semester. That’s the...
snow storms

How to Stay Warm And Safe During 2021’s Snow Storms

The Texas snow storms are devastating to say the least, especially considering how many are don't have help, guidance,...

10 Coffee Recipes That Are Way Better Than Starbucks

Coffee — the thing we first hated but grew to love it. It’s the drink that proved us wrong...

To The Ones Who Have Been Waiting To Find Love, This Will Be Your Year

If you’ve been profoundly wishing, manifesting, and praying to find your true love, here is a sign that this...

How To Stop Being Constantly Irritated With Your Significant Other

Even though you’ve asked him multiple times not to, your husband, boyfriend, or partner left the kitchen cabinets open......

The Disadvantages Of Big Penises That Women Never Talk About

In today's culture, a large penis is viewed as desirable. Women see it as the one that pleases them...

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