15 Reasons To Rid Your Life Of Toxic People And Find New Friends

A manipulative and toxic friend is someone who expects more but doesn't give anything in return — like Regina George from Mean Girls. It...

9 Subtle Signs Of Depression I Was Too Depressed To Notice

Every time I slip into a depression, it feels a little different, which can make it a little more difficult to know if you...

We Asked 10 New York City Cab Drivers For Their Best Relationship Advice

Imagine if your job was to listen to New Yorkers talk. All. Day. Long. You'd probably end up acquiring lots of useless information. But...

7 Advantages Of Getting A Prenatal Massage During Pregnancy

A massage session is one of the most relaxing treats. It’s a great practice that takes away tension and leaves your body feeling nice...

8 Exercises You Can Do At Home To Get Your Heart Pumping

Staying active and fit doesn't mean that you have to lift weights at the gym or take a run...

How Your Father Affects Your Relationships With Men — For Better Or Worse

If you're struggling with love or repeating unhealthy patterns in relationships, it would serve you well to explore your...

6 Compelling Reasons You Should Start A Small Business

Do you find that you no longer enjoy your 9-to-5 job and wish you could start an exciting new...

Modern Parenting: 8 Things I Would Do Differently From My Parents

There's no denying that each household has different styles of parenting a child. You’re free to choose whether you’ll...

11 Ways To Help Your Kids Become Better Friends

The relationship you have with your brother or sister is among the longest relationships that you'll ever have —...

5 Reasons You Should Include Strength Training In Your Workout

Like most people, you probably think of cardio when you think of working out. But what about strength training? Strength...

Why Protecting Your Skin Requires Year-Round Effort

We all look forward to the warmer months of the year. Agreeable temperatures allow days at the beach, excursions...

Why ‘Puppy Training’ Your Man Is A Smart Idea (Says A Man)

Most of us take relationship advice with a grain of salt, but one thing we can agree on is...

5 Ways You Can Make More Time For Self-Care

‘Self-care’ has been the main topic of conversation for a long time. But we talk about it more than...
lonely woman standing by window

5 Tips For Healing From Your Childhood Trauma

Childhood is an incredibly vulnerable stage of life. Children are entirely dependent on the care of others and are...

I Love My Kids, But I Regret Becoming A Mom

Recently, here and there over the past couple of years, in fits and starts, a conversation has begun to...

5 Signs You Should Consider Leaving Your Partner

I have found that there are five main aspects you should look at when debating leaving your partner. These...

5 Ways To Spend More Quality Time With Your Family

Do you sometimes feel like you're missing out on your kid's life? People commonly wish they had more time...

I Was Bullied As A Child, And Now I’m Stronger Than Ever

In school there are two types of kids: the one who thinks he or she is better than everyone...

4 Budgeting Tips That I Wish I Knew Earlier

At my high school, students were allowed to pick three electives to add to their schedule in addition to...

10 Brutally Honest Signs Your Relationship Is Flat-Out Over

You never thought you would be one of “those people.” You were much more careful than them. You worked...

What Are Chair Exercises? 3 Tips for Beginners

For people who may not have the full range of mobility that many types of exercise require, chair exercises...

10 Mantras That Will Get You Over That Terrible Breakup ASAP

He's the perfect height. He has perfect hands. You love his sister. You love his scent. He is perfect...

Why Every Hairstylist Needs To Know How To Style Black Hair

Styling hair requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise. Still, those with highly textured hair don’t always find...

5 Unique Money Habits We See With Millennials & Gen Z

Members of the baby boom generation are likely to bemoan many of the choices today’s young adults make. They...

3 Essential Tips To Improve Your Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin is a great way to practice self care. Whether you have an elaborate routine...

I Helped A Teenager Who Ran Away From Home 

TW: This article discusses mental illness, self-harm, and assault.  I helped a teenager who had run away from home.  It sounds...

5 Gentle Ways To Support Your Introverted Friends

Introverts and extroverts get their energy from different sources. Extroverts usually like being out and about with friends, while...

How To Rebuild Trust After A Major Relationship Betrayal

How can you rebuild trust after a history of betrayal and disappointment? You can seek out therapy or relationship...

4 Unique Date Ideas That Cost Absolutely No Money

Want to go on a date, but are on a tight budget this month? Are you on a tight...

8 Life Lessons I Learned From Dating A Transgender Woman

A couple of months ago, my partner came to me with the desire of wanting to live life as...

The Truth About Why Guys Are Scared Of Commitment (As Told By Guys)

Men do not have an excellent reputation when it comes to commitment. Like, let's be real. Men and commitment...

3 Signs You May Be Breathing Incorrectly

Have you ever been worked up over something and had someone tell you to just breathe? In the heat...

6 Beauty Tips To Look And Feel Younger

It seems like everyone is looking for the Fountain of Youth, and some people are willing to spend a...
woman in summer clear skin

5 Essential Things To Add To Your Daily Routine This Summer

Summer is the time when people love being outside, either working in their gardens or strolling along the beach....

If He Does These 12 Things, You’re Being Emotionally Abused

Emotional abuse: it's insidious how it creeps into your life. It's one of those things that, at first glance,...

7 Fun Nail Colors That Are Perfect For Spring

Springtime is officially here! It’s the time when rain showers, and flowers and other bright colors are out and...

10 Sad-But-True Reasons People Cut Family Members Out Of Their Lives

I've been seeing individuals of all ages in my consultation room for over 25 years. I hear about all...

5 Reasons You Should Never Give Up On Love

Don't you just love the sight of old couples together? I sure do. Sad to say, the concept of dating later...

8 Dating Mistakes That Are Making You Less Desirable

Sometimes the best dating tips come not only from knowing what you should do in order to get a...

I Had A Real Life Stalker And Here’s What Happened

We've all seen the movies, read the books, or watched the documentaries of women having a stalker. It’s always...
man and woman in bedroom

The #1 Phrase Men Hate To Hear The Most

It's pretty obvious that men and women communicate differently — that simple fact has been the basis for many...

The Secret To A Long & Happy Marriage From Couples Married 15+ Years

These real-life couples have been in the marriage trenches and they're still laughing, smiling, having a ball. They fall in...

A Letter To My Past Self: We Survived The Assault

Dear Sabrina,  I am so sorry that you went through this. It has almost been eight years since your assault....

Study Reveals These Careers Lead To A More Satisfying Sex Life

We've all heard the advice to "never mix business with pleasure," and that phrase is often true. However, a...

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