Dodging Debt: 3 Tips For Remaining Debt-Free After College

College is a busy time, causing a forever puzzled mental state. Figuring out your financial future that is free of debt, which isn't always...

Unmasking Deceit Through Silence: The Weight Of Your Words

We often encounter people who leave a lasting impact on our lives, whether positive or negative. Their actions and words can shape our experiences...

Why You Should Read “The Betrayal Of Thomas True”

It is 1710, and Thomas True has arrived on old London Bridge with a dangerous secret. One night, lost amongst the squalor of London's...

I’ll Always Believe In Humanity, No Matter What

No matter what happens in life, one thing stays the same: I will always believe in humanity. It doesn’t matter how many times I hear about...
Using Plant Medicine

7 Benefits Of Using Plant Medicine In Your Daily Life

Natural remedies and their effects on our lives have always fascinated me. I have spent years exploring and incorporating...

Don’t Worry — You’re Further Ahead Than You Think

Instagram, TikTok, Beauty Pageants, competitions, TV shows, movies – you name it – they constantly bombard us with the...
truth social

I Went Undercover On Truth Social, And What I Saw Was Disturbing

Truth Social is a social media platform that Trump founded in February of 2022. Trump likened the platform to...

What’s The Grey Rock Method And How Does It Work?

The other day, I saw an article titled “The Grey Rock Method." Since I hadn’t heard  the term before,...

How To Achieve The Perfect Natural Makeup Look

Getting started with makeup can be  challenging. Beauty companies are continuously releasing new and niche products. All  which cater...

Why Big Cities Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up To Be

As children, adults told us that big cities were often better than smaller towns. They always presented big cities...

Overdone & Overexposed: Why We Are Tired Of TikTok Influencers

There may be many reasons why it’s seen that some individuals have become disenchanted with TikTok influencers: When it...

Here’s What Actually Caused My Under Eye Wrinkles

I’ve always been conscious of my appearance, mainly as I’ve gotten older. Under-eye wrinkles crept up on me faster...

I Would Say To Myself A Year Ago

Dear me in 2023,  For a second, what do you think you pictured in terms of 2024? Did you think...

5 Tell-Tale Signs Of A Toxic Friendship 

As adults, making friends isn’t easy compared to the old elementary school days. Adult friendships become more complicated as...

How To Create The Perfect Perfume Ritual

Welcome to the world of date night perfumes! As you gear up for that special evening with your loved...

Let’s Celebrate Our Feline Friends In Honor Of National Kitten Day

Who in the world doesn't adore cute, small kittens? Their shiny eyes, little pink noses and paws, and cute...

Your Best Moments Are Still Yet To Come

Think of the moments that made up the saddest day ever.  What happened? Was it something out of your control?...

Are You Dealing With A Narcissist? 5 Signs To Look For

Navigating relationships as young adults can be both exciting and challenging, especially when encountering personalities that may not have...

I’m Done With Drama. I Just Want A Peaceful Life

Recently, I've come to an important realization: I just want peace. I want my romantic relationships, my family relationships,...

You’ll Always Be With Me, No Matter What

I wake up in the morning and leave my apartment. I’m traversing the streets by myself, sipping on my...

Financial Freedom & Health: 5 Habits That’ll Transform Your Life

Let’s talk about something super important but often shoved in the 'deal-with-later' basket—financial freedom and health. Believe me, getting...

5 Easy Hacks To Do The Perfect Smokey Eye

Everyone knows about the classic  smokey eye – the blending of different colored eyeshadows on the eyelid, with a...

How Ignoring Others’ Doubts Helped Me Reach My Dreams

Throughout my life, many people have told me that my dreams were “unacceptable.” My biggest aspiration was to be...

When I Finally Get Mad, You Should Be Concerned

We all have emotions. Happy, sad, anxious — the list goes on and on. So, getting mad is something...

No, You’re Not Falling Apart

The tiring day is slowly coming to an end, yet you feel like you're falling apart. You’re off from...

To All The Competitive Twenty Somethings Out There

Dear 20-somethings,  It can be hard to say that life isn’t a competition. Society seems to stress the need to...

Why The Supreme Court’s Decision on Presidential Immunity Is Heartbreaking

 The Supreme Court made a historic ruling on Monday, July 1, 2024, that former President Donald Trump is immune...

I’m Done Caring About Your Opinion Of My Life Choices

In adulthood, I’ve learned how much I love to keep to myself and do my own thing. I love...

The 5 Best Songs From “Epic: The Musical”

If you’ve been on TikTok, you’ve probably heard of “Epic: The Musical.” Written and produced by Jorge Rivera-Herrans, “Epic”...

8 Things To Expect Going Into Your First “Big Girl” Job

It’s been over 4 years since I graduated college and worked my first job. Since then, I've experienced working...

What I Learned Growing Up With Mostly Male Friends

When I was 12 years old, I convinced myself that perhaps, I was indeed a tomboy. And although I...

6 Ways Owning A Pet Can Transform Your Health

Humans, like most animals, are social beings who yearn for love, affection, and companionship. Pets, such as dogs and...

The Reality Of Navigating Workplace Politics

Every university student seems excited for their first internship or entry-level position. After all, people tell us to be...

Women Are Being Punched In NYC — What’s Going On?

Imagine, for a moment, walking in NYC, minding your business, and enjoying your day when suddenly, someone you’ve never...

What You Should Know About PTSD On PTSD Awareness Day

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is caused by severe trauma. This mental illness causes hypervigilance, a strong startle response, fear...

Celebrate Pride Month With These 5 LGBTQ+ Books

Happy Pride Month! As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I love reading queer stories. I also love to...
criminal record

How To Get Your Criminal Record Cleaned Up

A criminal record makes life tough – there’s no way around it. From employment and personal relationships to applying...
Woman Seeking Treatment for bacterial vaginosis

Ladies, The Dos & Don’ts Of Treating BV

Let's talk about something that way too many of us have dealt with — bacterial vaginosis, or BV for...

5 Most Beautiful University Campuses In Ontario, Canada

Imagine yourself sitting in your room, binging Netflix and munching on popcorn. It's been a week of this routine,...

How I’m Slowly Learning To Trust Others To Help Me

As an adult, I often notice how difficult it is to develop interpersonal relationships. It seems like whenever other...

Don’t Burn Yourself Down To Help Others

"You don't have to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm." I saw this quote online, and it...

How You Can Tell The Difference Between Anxiety And Intuition

Anxiety is a worry, nervousness, or feeling uneasy. Intuition is an instinct or a hunch. These feelings can feel...
Applying Makeup Beauty Tips

8 Timeless Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

Trends come and go faster than ever these days, but some things remain constant. True beauty isn't about chasing...

Why “Inside Out 2” Is The Perfect Movie For Those With Anxiety

I saw "Inside Out 2" in theaters the past weekend, and I was amazed by the film. Before I... - Online Datting App

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