I’m Almost 30, I’m Single, And I’m Doing Just Fine

In a couple of years, I’ll turn 30. Correction: In a little less than two years, I will be turning the big...

Here’s Everything You Should Know About Getting A Second-Degree Sunburn

We all know sunburns are annoying and just downright painful. But when your sunburns develop into second-degree burns on your face, that's...

Follow These 5 Tips If You’re Moving In With Your Significant Other

My boyfriend and I just reached one year of living together, and though living with your partner can be challenging, it can...

Read This If You’re A Healer Who’s Trying To Heal Themself

You step into a brave, new world, foreign in its sheer devotion to your heart. You feel...

Pandemic Getaways: The Best & Worst Places You Can Travel To Right Now

2020 has been perhaps the most eventful year in the travel industry. Many countries have witnessed an...

Wayfair Conspiracy Or Not: Child Trafficking Is Real, And It Exists Everywhere

At any given moment, an estimated 40.3 million people are being victimized in situations of trafficking and...

Even Though You May Feel Like It, You Are Not a Burden

If you always say that you feel like a burden, I know how you feel. 

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Drugstore Makeup Brands

Snagging your hands on an affordable beauty product can feel similar to winning the lottery. We perceive...

We Don’t Realize That White Privilege Allows Us To Safely Express Ourselves

I’m privileged to live in a world in which it feels fairly safe for me to...

4 Reasons I’m More Thankful Than Ever For My Friendships

Do you have some amazing friendships? Well, did you know that today is International Friendship Day? Until...

The Powerful Reason Women Are Posting Black & White #ChallengeAccepted Photos

With the hashtags #challengeaccepted and #womensupportingwomen, Instagram's flooded with black and white portraits and selfies of women...

5 Things Men Simply Don’t Do When They Genuinely Love You

It's pretty common for women in the butterfly-filled stage of new relationships to wonder if men share...

35 Hard Truths About Sex No One Else Is Going To Tell You

When it comes to sex, there is a lot that’s left unknown. No one likes to be...
online love catfish

6 Signs That Your Online Love Interest Might Be A Catfish

The advent of the hit MTV show Catfish in 2010 made the term “catfishing” widely known. The...

Ask Ada: Is It Healthy For My Best Friend To Be FWB With Her Ex?

Welcome to “Ask Ada,” a weekly series in which we answer all those burning questions you’d rather...

5 Things You Didn’t Know Are Making Your Sleep Worse At Night

If you just  can’t get a good night’s sleep, you likely feel frustrated and sad. Well, don’t worry...
different major and job

7 Reasons It’s Actually Beneficial To Work In A Field You Didn’t Major In

Since the job market is becoming more competitive, many people enroll in a college program simply to...

This Is The Real Reason People Yell During Arguments

For the most part, getting into arguments is not fun. Some people may indeed enjoy a friendly,...

12 Country Songs That Helped Me Get Through Quarantine

For as long as I could remember I have always enjoyed listening to country music. The genre...

7 Of The Greatest Indie Bands You Should Check Out Right Now

Whether you’re meal prepping, driving, or simply relaxing at home, listening to music can provide some entertainment...

A Poem For Anyone Who’s Ever Reached Their Breaking Point

Have you ever sacrificed your own needs just to avoid a conflict with someone else? Unfortunately, people...

I’m A ‘Pandemic Girlfriend’ And Here’s What Everyone Gets Wrong About Dating During COVID

I’m a “pandemic girlfriend.” Like my fellow unlucky-in-love 2020 daters, I didn’t...

Why Strong Women Struggle To Find Serious Relationships

Strong women are usually “the single friend,” or the friend that gets shit on in every attempted...

5 Shameful Myths About Fat Women And Obesity You’ve Probably Always Believed

I'm really sick of hearing people saying things like, "If so-and-so knew what she was doing to...
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas's first baby

Congratulations! Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Welcomed Their First Child

Calling all Games of Thrones and Jonas Brothers fans, 2020 just got a lot brighter. Sophie Turner...

Here’s All We Know About Aerie’s New Sub-Brand “Offline”

Aerie — the intimate apparel brand sub-owned by American Eagle Outfitters — has just made an announcement....

Am I The Only One Sick Of How Long It Takes To Actually Start Dating?

The beginning stages of a relationship are supposed to be fun. What’s more, it should be easier...

‘Legends Never Die’: Here’s What You Should Know About Juice WRLD’s New Album

Juice WRLD, the rapper and singer from Chicago, whose real name was Jarad Higgins, has landed the...

A Year From Now, You’ll Be Grateful That You Got Your Life Back

At some point in our lives, we all experience the type of love that really changes our...

5 Valuable Life Lessons I Learned From Rock Climbing

I started rock climbing, and I think you should too. Rock climbing was something...

Here’s Everything You Should Know If You’re A Woman Starting Weight Training

No matter what type of figure you want, weight training can help you get there. If you’re...

Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’ Is Not What We Expected, But Everything That We Wanted

Taylor Swift’s back to help us all through the peak of Covid-19 Summer with her latest album...

5 Katy Perry Songs That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

As we all know, Katy Perry has a lot of songs. From fun pop tunes to ballads...

5 Signs It’s Time For You To Let Go Of That Friendship

Typically, we don’t think a friendship comes with an expiration date however some friendships inevitably have one...

7 Popular Myths About Sex Toys Debunked

Sex toys are a heaven sent! Yet, despite being so common in today’s culture (let’s be real,...

National Cousins Day: 5 Socially Distant Ways You Can Celebrate

Every July 24, we celebrate National Cousins Day and reconnect with those beautiful family members we call...

One Direction Is Celebrating Their 10th Anniversary In The Most Epic Way

In case you've been living under a rock, you may have missed the big news: it's the...

9 Things In Your Relationship That Should Just Feel Easy

At times, we may experience uncomfortable emotions that may even feel random in a relationship. Feeling uneasy,...

11 Not So Subtle Things A Girl Does If She’s Into You

It can be hard to tell if a girl is into you. However, there are some telling signals you might not be picking up on. Read this guide to learn more.

8 Netflix Comedy Specials That Are Worth Your Time And Laughs

It’s been a weird year for the world but a great year for comedy. After all, the...

The Underlying Problem With Vera Bradley’s Harry Potter Collection

It is difficult to believe that Hogwarts never existed until 30 years ago. The imaginary witchcraft academy...

5 Things To Remember When You Feel Haunted By Regret

We all make mistakes and experience regret in life. Otherwise, how would we grow if we didn't...
agree to disagree

The Facts Tell Me I Can No Longer “Agree To Disagree” About Current Events

It has always been considered unfeminine to be loud, disagree, and argue. As a little girl, I was...
productivity work working from home

7 Easy Ways To Increase Your Work-From-Home Productivity

Do you shake your head in bewilderment when you hear people say working from home increases your...

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