11 Reasons The Black Lives Matter Movement Will Never Be Over

In current news, Black lives have been locked away and hidden as if they were nothing throughout all of history. The fight...

Everything You Need To Know About Ivy League Schools Canceling Fall Sports

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many things have had to be canceled. Some of them include jobs, appointments, in-person classes, and so on....
hospitalization skinny body image

It Took Me Being Hospitalized To Learn That Being Skinny Does Not Equal Being...

Being skinny doesn't equate to health, yet people see it that way. My hospitalization made realize how much the two are associated.

The Real Reason Why People In Committed Relationships Cheat

In 2018, Superdrug Online Doctor released a study that surveyed over 2,000 European and American men and women to find out the dirty secrets behind...
safe words

How Using Safe Words Helped Me Reclaim My Sexuality After Trauma

There are sexual experiences that can strip you of believing you have bodily autonomy, feeling safe in...
COVID-19 and sex information

5 Things You Need About Sex During COVID-19

There’s a lot of things that people aren’t allowed to do because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gathering...

36 Questions That’ll Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Exciting

If you know how to keep a relationship exciting, you'll never get bored. For many couples, a...
female masturbation

The Health Benefits Of Female Masturbation & Why You Should Do It

Unfortunately, female masturbation is still a taboo topic. We don’t talk about it often. But let’s be...

Everything You Need To Know About Lady Antebellum’s ‘Lady A’ Lawsuit

In the matter of less than a month, country band Lady A (formerly Lady Antebellum) has changed...
covid-19 mask pandemic

Is The Second Wave Of COVID-19 Already Here?

As North America begins to relax its social distancing policies, hard-hit regions in Europe and Asia are...
rebound relationship

5 Undeniable Signs That You’re A Rebound Girl

Every person copes with a breakup in a different way. For example, many people distract themselves with...

7 Mental Health Resources You Can Turn To If You’re Struggling During The Pandemic

The recent unprecedented circumstances around the coronavirus pandemic are causing a great deal of stress, anxiety, and fear...

5 Wardrobe Essentials You Need For A Cool Goth Summer

Fashion comes in so many different forms and influences our perception of clothing in a variety of...

6 Life-Changing Benefits Of Doing Gratitude Every Day

Build daily habits that focus on using gratitude to get happier. Gratitude is a...
white passing privilege

White Passing Privilege: I Lived In A Bubble As A Pale Hispanic Girl

White passing privilege is when someone of a certain racial group “passes” as white because of their...
good posture

4 Tips For Better Posture While Working From Home

Ever step away from your laptop after a day of work and get greeted by a symphony...

How The Pandemic Has Forced Us To Be More Authentic At Work

Faced with a global pandemic, the entire world flipped upside down - and so did the workforce....

How I Overcame Getting Rejected From My Dream School

Back in November, I applied to my top grad school choice: Florida Atlantic University. It was my...

How Gen Z & Apps Like TikTok Can Impact The 2020 Election

On June 20th, many were surprised to find that the campaign rally held by President Trump had...

What To Do If You Get Stuck With A Bad Professor

I’ve been lucky when it comes to my education. I’ve had some wonderful teachers and professors throughout...

Netflix’s ‘365 Days’ Is Problematic And Glorifies Relationship Abuse

If you ever wanted to know what the lovechild of Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey looks...

5 People Who Made Millions Online Before They Turned 30

Thanks to the Internet, becoming a millionaire (or billionaire) before your 30th birthday is a completely attainable...
grief feels like

Most People Don’t Understand What Grief Actually Feels Like

Everyone knows how ‘grief’ is defined. But only those who have experienced it know what it truly...

Seal The Day With A Kiss Because Today Is National Kissing Day

Pucker up, it’s National Kissing Day!  I had no idea that there was a...

Stick To Yeezy: We Don’t Want You In The White House, Kanye

Between the current Black Lives Matters protests and the resurgence of COVID-19, most Americans have all but...
how many shots you should be taking

Here’s How Many Shots You Should Actually Take Based On Your Size

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to alcohol consumption. Maybe it was during your 27th birthday...
black-owned Beauty Brands

7 Black-Owned Beauty Brands You Should Support

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, I’ve compiled a list of black-owned cosmetics brands founded...

Why The Breonna Taylor Law Doesn’t Give Her Family The Justice They Deserved

At this point, you probably know Breonna Taylor’s story. However, you may not know that the Louisville...

7 Boho-Inspired Outfits That Will Spice Up Your Summer

Time passes by quickly. Last year feels like last week, and last week feels like yesterday. The snow has...

Life Has Many Turning Points, Here’s How You Can Make The Most Out Of Them

You might think that all turning points in life should be monumental moments that flip your world...

Social Media Is Geeking Out About ‘Hamilton’ Coming To Disney+ Tomorrow

We might not be able to see Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit Broadway musical on stage this year due...

25 Online Classes That You Can Take For Free Right Now

There’s never a bad time to learn something new. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, broaden...
vagina facts

12 Facts About Your Vagina That You Should Definitely Know

There’s so much about our own bodies that we don’t know. For instance, “the vagina” — the...

6 Activities To Do This Summer That Aren’t Just Laying By The Pool

This year is flying by, and somehow summer is already here. The problem for all of us...

Aliens Among Us: What You Should Know This World UFO Day

If you love donning a tin-foil hat and goggles for an alien hunt, World UFO Day...

Read This If You’re Thinking About Switching Your College Major

When I was in grade 10, I wanted to become a pilot.  I’ve always...

If I’m Being Honest, I Never Actually Deserved You

The world is crumbling beneath my feet; I can sense that you are leaving and may never...

Have You Heard Of A ‘Zillennial”? You Might Be One

You’ve probably heard of the terms “Millennial” and “Gen Z,” especially if you’re on social media. In...

We Stand In Solidarity With The Asian Community Experiencing Xenophobia Right Now

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there’s been an overwhelming number of reports of violent hate crimes against...
The Princess Bride

Why “The Princess Bride” Is The Most Relatable Movie In 2020

When we think of movies that predict the future, the first one that usually comes to our...

4 Lessons You’ll Learn If You’re Grieving The Loss Of A Pet

I recently lost my childhood horse, Amanda. To say that I feel devastated would be an understatement....

Here’s Everything That Is Leaving And Coming To Netflix This July

As much as you may wish COVID-19 would take a hike, some areas are starting to become...

5 Important Reminders In Honor Of World Social Media Day

Ten years ago, Mashable officially declared June 30th as World’s Social Media Day to recognize the impact...

What It’s Really Like To Be A Black Woman In America

Being a Black woman is phenomenal. Black women have been leaders in many...

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