I’m Happy That Grief Lasts Forever Because It Means I Truly Loved

As I have grown older, so has my grief. With that comes judgment from others, wondering how I could still be grieving someone who...
Buy or Lease a Car

To Lease Or To Buy? The Pros & Cons Of Leasing A Car

In my journey through the world of personal transportation, the decision between leasing or buying a car has become a significant choice. Each option...
Online Counseling Benefit

8 Advantages of Online Counseling In 2024

Earlier, in-person sessions were the norm but the last few years have seen a shift to virtual counseling. Online counseling typically focuses on providing...

10 Must-Know Tips Before Your First Reformer Pilates Class

A year ago, I attended a free Pilates at the park event, which became my first reformer Pilates class with Club Pilates. Around that...

Why Your Mental Health Always Comes First

There are times when I feel caught up in the rat race. Everywhere I look, people accomplish their goals;...

To My Grieving Friend: A Letter Of Love And Admiration

To My Friend Who Is Grieving, I am writing to celebrate you and express how proud I am of your...
wedding day beauty

The Best Beauty Treatments To Help You Get Wedding Ready

Your wedding day is a chance to feel like the most radiant version of yourself. While the dress and...

We Need Mental Health First Responders

The police are ill-equipped to deal with mental health crises.  This is neither a radical idea, nor is it a...

A Millennial Mom’s Guide To Generation Alpha Slang

“…Back in my day, our calculators only did math and spelled ‘boobs’ upside down … none of this smartphone...

Honoring The Unsung Heroes: Military Spouse Appreciation Day

In a world where courage is often associated with those who wear uniforms, there exists a group of unsung...

Student Loan Debt Is More Than A Crisis; It’s An Economic Epidemic

It’s graduation season, and new graduates across the country are getting ready to embark on the next phases of...

How To Make The Delicious Jewish Treat: Rugelach

Rugelach is a delicious Jewish pastry that's typically made with a cream cheese dough and filled with various sweet...

Tell Me Who You Are, Not About Your Job

In a society where our careers often seem to define us, it's easy to fall into the trap of...

The Truth Behind Appreciation Weeks: Are Employees Underpaid?

In the contemporary corporate sphere, appreciation weeks have become a customary fixture designed to honor employees' dedication and hard...

Why You Can’t Trust Your Social Media Feed

We live in a society where social media constantly bombards us. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook – everywhere we look, people...

Disability Doesn’t Vanish, So Neither Should Our Services 

I live with multiple disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy. As a result, I went through my school years with the...

Why College Is About More Than Just Graduating

College is such a great accomplishment to have in your tool belt for many reasons—whether you’re applying for a...

Vacation Series: How to Spend A Weekend Getaway In Deland, Florida

Deland, Florida, is a charming city with a lot to offer for a weekend getaway. With so much history,...

Exploring the Trend: Would You Leave Me With A Man Or A Bear?

In the ever-evolving landscape of relationships and social media trends, there's a peculiar question that seems to be making...

How The Talk To Text Feature Could’ve Ended My Friendship

Imagine that you start a friendship with someone. You feel eager to get to know them, and you text...
Woman Preparing for Breast Cancer Surgery

How To Prepare For Breast Cancer Surgery

Undergoing breast cancer surgery is a significant step in your journey toward healing and recovery. To ensure the process...

Why Congress Should Make Election Day A National Holiday

Election Day is the Tuesday after the first Monday of each November, and it’s one of the most important...

An Honest Reflection Of My First Year At College

I remember entering my first accounting class at the university. It was 8:00 AM on a Wednesday. As soon...

How To Balance Your Mind, Body, And Spirit Through Holistic Healing

In our fast-paced modern world, the pursuit of holistic health has become not just a trend but a necessity....
Woman Construction Waste Decisions

How To Responsibly Dispose of Waste From Your Home Renovations

Renovating my home has always been an exhilarating experience. Transforming my living space boosts its beauty and functionality and...

Why ‘Cozy Cardio’ Should Be the Newest Addition to Your Routine

When you think of fitness, you probably imagine intense, sweaty workouts, aching muscles, and your heart feeling like it’s...

Are Juice Cleanses Healthy Or Just Another Fad Diet?

Juice cleanses are one of the biggest health trends, and the idea of detoxifying your system can sound alluring,...

Dispelling 7 Myths About Lesbian Sex

Lesbian sexuality is often misunderstood due to common myths and stereotypes, which can be harmful to this community. In...

5 Things To Consider Before Adopting A Dog with Your Significant Other

So, you and your significant other are considering acquiring a dog? That is fantastic! Getting a furry pet can...

Make These Tasty Jar Cakes In Under 30 Minutes

Everyone deserves a little treat every now and again. And if you need to watch your portion size, this...
Woman Using Perfume

Tips for Matching Your Perfume To Your Makeup

Creating a cohesive beauty ensemble extends beyond the visible spectrum of fashion and makeup; it encompasses the aromatic allure...
Woman Packing for Movers

Why Hiring A Top-Notch Moving Company Will Remove Your Moving Stress

Moving day can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, but with the right assistance from top-notch movers, it doesn't...

7 Fun Ways To Celebrate ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ Day In Style

Impossible Astronaut Day celebrates the popular British television show Doctor Who, specifically the episode "The Impossible Astronaut." The episode...

I Tried Kourtney Kardashian’s Viral Gummies, And Lemme Tell You About It

For those who haven't heard, Kourtney Kardashian has launched a unique line of gummy vitamins called “Lemme.” This comprehensive...

Why Millions of Low-Income Children Could Go Hungry This Summer

With summer quickly approaching for millions of kids, many low-income parents feel extra pressure to feed their children now...
Home Business Woman Working

3 Ideas For Starting A Home Business

The world of work has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with more and more women embracing the...

Hollywood Is Changing — But Is It For The Better?

The allure of the silver screen has long delighted audiences worldwide, but make no mistake — Hollywood is changing....

Do You Truly Know Why Our Friendship Ended?

I remember seeing you for the last time. I felt so much anger and disappointment from you. You were...

5 Benefits Of Being A “Super Senior”

In undergrad, I was a "super" senior: it took me 5 instead of 4 years to graduate. This was...
Woman Showing Off Personal Style

How To Define Your Personal Style In A World Of Fast Trends

In the evolving realm of fashion where trends come and go like the changing seasons there exists a concept...

“Unsexed”: A Raw & Real Interview With Author Marina DelVecchio

Trigger Warning: This book mentions sexual assault, domestic violence, and generational trauma. I received an advanced reader copy of Marina...

Women’s Basketball: A Legacy Of Resilience And Inspiration

As a young girl, I had the privilege of watching some of the most talented women's college basketball players...

Where’s The Magical Type Of Love Everyone Is Talking About?

Love — the powerful feeling we’re all looking for. Most of us have loved and been loved at least...
health insurance small businesses plan review

How Health Insurance Impacts Employee Retention

Health insurance is more than just a benefit for emergencies—it's a tool for small businesses to foster a stable,...

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