National Hugging Day: 14 People Share Why Hugs Mean So Much To Them

Hugs can play an important role in our lives. Everyone has a different opinion on their benefits and how they make someone feel. Today...

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate International Sweatpants Day

Sweatpants are among the most comfortable garments you can wear. Initially, sweatpants were designed so that athletes could keep warm when exercising outdoors in...

Should You Get Married If You’ve Only Dated Long Distance?

The answer to the question of getting married to someone you’ve only been dating in a long-distance relationship is an easy one. It’s the same...

5 Important Lessons From 2020 That We Should Never Forget

I think we can all agree that no one had it easy in 2020. If you think you know someone that did, I can...

It’s Okay To End A Friendship If It No Longer Serves You

Most people cycle through friends through their life, coming and going over the years. Sometimes they leave completely and...

5 Reasons That Harry Potter Is Actually Problematic (Besides J.K. Rowling)

Harry Potter has always been problematic, even before J.K. Rowling revealed her transphobia. Don’t get me wrong, I loved...

Why Men Bail On Their Children: Here’s What Absent Fathers Had To Say

There’s nothing more stigmatized in today’s society than men who skip town on their kids. They are seen as...

7 Things Men Do That Make Me Wonder If I’m Actually Asexual

Physical touch and intimacy is such a major part of life, especially in relationships. Cuddling is honestly the greatest...

5 Subtle Signs That You Have White Knight Syndrome In Relationships

White knight syndrome is the compulsive need to be a rescuer in a romantic relationship. This syndrome often stems from...

Need A Change? 4 Things That Happen When You Start Being Physically Active

This last year has been a mess. We’ve all experienced loss. Some of us had to adjust to working...

6 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolutions Fail But Here’s How You Can Stick To Yours

Each year right around New Year's Eve, I watch to see what people are posting about their New Year's resolutions....

How Your Mental Health Is Affecting Your Relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs. However, a healthy relationship will include everything from open communication and an...

25 Powerful Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes That Continue To Inspire Us

Today, January 18, marks a special day for American history. It’s a day named after Martin Luther King Junior...

34 Facts About Winnie the Pooh In Honor Of National Winnie the Pooh Day

During kindergarten, we would come home, turn on the television, and see a small, yellow bear with a red...

The Backstreet Boys Are Fighting Over One Of Them Being A Trump Supporter & QAnon Believer

I think we can all agree that 2021 has been a breath of fresh air for many of us...

7 Alarming Signs That You Need To Book A Visit With Your Gynecologist

Even though regular check-ups at your gynecologist are essential, many women tend to skip them. Moreover, some women don’t...

Why You Should Add CBD Bath Bombs To Your Next Amazon Order

People confuse Cannabidiol (CBD) with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant.  Unlike THC, CBD does not...

All My Exes Married The Girl They Dated Immediately After Me

I used to think I was cursed. Or, maybe it was some kind of big, cruel, karmic joke. When...

5 Simple Ways To Elevate Your Look For Your Next Date Night

Finding the perfect outfit to wear on any given date night is usually an exciting task that every girl...

Be A Quitter: 5 Things That You Should Stop Doing In 2021

We are taught that quitters never win. But sometimes they do! Although many of us use the new year...

Cuckolding 101: What You Should Know About This Latest Bedroom Kink

I've spent entirely too much time on Whisper lately. Most of the posts on the app don't surprise me...

Demi Lovato Will Open Up About The ‘Darkest Point’ Of Her Life In A New YouTube Docuseries

Demi Lovato is kicking off 2021 with a new docuseries launching exclusively on YouTube Originals. The songstress announced today on...

I’m A Transgender Man And I Am Worthy Of The Same Love As Before

They never really prepare you for dating while transitioning or when you come out as transgender. You know it’ll be different, and...

How I Figured Out I’m Demisexual, And Why Understanding Sexuality Matters

I distinctly remember the moment I realized I was demisexual. I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a meme...

Family Of Missing Social Media Star, Carly Fleischmann, Says She Is ‘Doing Well’

Carly Fleischmann is a nonverbal Autistic woman. She co-authored a book with her father and fought through a world...

6 Tips To Help You Celebrate National Dress Your Pet Day In Style

As  humans, we love to dress up and look good, don’t we? Dressing up makes us happy and we...

How To Tell Whether You’re In Love, In Lust, Or Just Lonely

When your feelings are intense, it can be easy to confuse love, lust, and loneliness. It can be rather...

My Marriage Ended Six Months Ago, But I’m Not Dating Yet

Before we even signed the final divorce decree, my ex-husband had already moved on. He seems happy and mostly...

Why It’s So Hard To Find Love As A Woman Who’s 6-Feet Tall

I've always been tall. At 16, I topped out at 5'11". An inch shy of six feet, I was told...

5 Jewelry Trends You Need To Finally Hop On In 2021

There’s not a lot about 2020 that we’d choose to keep around. From the raging nightmare of the bushfires...

11 Steps To Giving Yourself A Complete Glow Up In 2021

2020 has passed and some of us are probably still ambivalent about how the new year will turn out....

10 Best Makeup Primers You Absolutely Need For The Winter

Winter is not only known for its snowy and cold weather. In the beauty community, people often associate this...

What Giving Birth Actually Feels Like For The Baby

The miracle of birth is something we all go through. Sadly, we can't remember any of it. A mom may...

I Love My Country, But Frankly, I Am Sick Of American Politics

In elementary school, we started our days by placing  our hands on our hearts and pledging our allegiance to...

10 Ways To Prioritize Your Health And Well-Being This New Year

Holidays are a time for celebration and gathering with our loved ones (even if this year looked different). When...

The 20 Best Compliments You Could Give To A Guy

It can be hard compliment a guy you're dating. That sounds a little silly, but think about it: When...

10 Things You Do If You’re An Expert Pet Owner

All pet owners can agree that having a furry friend is an incredible experience. It adds value to your...

Study Finds Women Love Being Objectified… By Their Partner

Some women are okay with strangers catcalling them; they find it flattering and it makes them feel hot and...

I’m A Modern Muslim Woman Who Enjoys Dating

Since I was 10 years old, my mom has been drilling this mantra into my head: "You are a Muslim, and...

4 Tricks That Helped Me Establish A Better Relationship With My Mom

For as long as I can remember, my relationship with my mother has felt very love-hate at best. She's...

Here’s Your Pandemic Guide To The Perfect Sex Toy

Picking out the right sex toy can be intimidating. For one, sex toys can be expensive. Many people are...

Yes, You Can Sleep Too Much — The Side Effects Of Getting Too Many Z’s

It’s safe to say that most adults love to sleep. It energizes us, makes us feel happy, and also...

How Reconnecting With An Old Friend Taught Me About Closure

If there is one thing that the past year has done, it’s surprise us. Recently, I received my own...

5 Things You Must Consider Before Sleeping With A Boss

Finding sexual chemistry in the workplace can be really fun — as long as it works out in the...

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