I Stopped Following Society’s Norms, And Here’s What Happened

From the day we are born to the day we pass is our personal timeline in which we are expected to do things. We...

5 Things You Can Still Do While Waiting To Be Fully Vaccinated

Hope for a slightly more “normal” future is on the horizon, but unfortunately, we’re not quite out of the woods yet with COVID-19. Even...

What You Should Do For Self-Care, Based On Your Love Language

Who says love languages only play a role in strengthening romantic relationships? Self-love is the most important form of love because it acts as...

We Didn’t Share Our Engagement On Social Media And It Meant So Much More

Like many of us, I find it hard to disconnect at times. Despite the warnings about "tech neck" and social media boosting anxiety, I still find...

4 Reasons Cats Are The Purr-fect Pet To Own In Your Twenties

Most of my friends are “dog people.” Their families always owned dogs, and they often talk about which dog...

How To Prepare For A Cross-Country Career Change

Most people dream of climbing the corporate ladder and landing a cushy job somewhere at the top of a...

How I Completely Turned Someone’s Life Around In Three Short Weeks

I have a client who was gifted with 3 life-coaching sessions by her sister. While she truly appreciated the gift,...

6 Millennial Home Decor Trends You’ll Want To Adopt

The youngest millennials are now in their mid-twenties, which means they are full-on adults now. They are paying bills,...

4 Perks That Come With Having A Medical Marijuana Card

Many people think that so long as marijuana usage is legal in their state, they don't need a marijuana...

I Walked In And Found My Husband Dead On The Floor

The moment I found husband dead on the floor happened like this: Henry's footsteps on the old wooden floorboards. The...

You Don’t Like Me & I Learned To Stop Caring About It

You don’t like me. I have no idea what I did to you in order for this to happen,...

How To Organize A Virtual Event For Your Brand During The Pandemic

Events are one of the best ways to boost your marketing or raise funds for a cause. These events...

Gains For Days: 4 Benefits Weightlifting Has For Women

Weightlifting can help you build a healthy body, dense bones, and flexible joints. However, many women falsely believe weightlifting...

My Mother-In-Law Won’t Let My Husband Get A Vasectomy

My husband and I spent countless hours deciding whether or not we should stop having kids. Financial stress, previous...

Ditch The Bottle: The 7 Best Shampoo Bars In 2021

If you haven’t tried shampoo bars yet, now is the time! Shampoo bars are made from all-natural ingredients, making...

Sister, Sister: To The Women Who Mean The World To Me

National Sibling Day falls on April 10th. However, we should celebrate it every day. Yes, that means even on...

5 Reasons Men Always Come Back After Breaking Your Heart

When the man you were dating and fell in love with breaks up with you, it's common to miss...

Even Though It Hurts To See You With Her, I’m Genuinely Happy For You

When we split up, I told everyone it was amicable and for the best. I think I said it...

The 11 Best Gym-Proof Makeup Products On The Market

Is it okay to wear makeup while working out? Some people think it’s a big no-no, but we’re here...

Just Because Our Relationship Ended, Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Wish You Well

Two years ago, I decided to end my five-year relationship with my high school sweetheart. While it broke my...

6 Fun And Creative Ideas For Your Virtual First Date

According to a report, the number of people using dating apps globally increased by 20 million people between 2019...

Drunkorexia Isn’t Just A College Stereotype, It’s A Serious Problem

If you're a college student, you already have a lot to think about. After all, things like filling out...

Kristen Stewart Will Play Princess Diana In The Historical Drama ‘Spencer’

ICYMI, actress Kristen Stewart is portraying the late Diana, Princess of Wales in the upcoming historical drama Spencer. The...

What Concerts May Look Like In A Post-Covid World

Thankfully, now that we developed and distributed a vaccine, it may be safe to go to concerts in the...

How To Know If The Person Who Abandoned You In The Past Is Still Affecting You Today

One day, you’re going through your life just fine; then, without warning, your world turns dark. Suddenly, you feel...

5 Crystals That Will Bring Positive Vibes Into Your Home

Many people are discovering the world of crystals and meditation through social media apps like Instagram and TikTok. When...

Netflix Will Release New Episodes Of ‘The Circle’ And ‘Too Hot To Handle’

Brand new seasons of The Circle and Too Hot to Handle are coming to Netflix soon! The new seasons...

What Every College Students Needs To Know About Filing The FAFSA

Did you know that the average yearly cost of college is nearly $30,000? Many families aren't prepared for all...

How Getting A Divorce Made Me A Better Parent

If you'd asked me two years ago if I thought divorce would be a good thing for myself and...

I Will Not Apologize For The Wonderful Life I Portray On Social Media

I admit it: I don't tell the world every dirty little detail of my life. And I'm not going...

The 20 Most Anticipated Shows That Will Be Available This April

Mark your calendars! Now that production is up and running again for many shows, there are dozens of must-see...

7 Signs You’re Way More Attractive Than You Believe

When it comes to the way we look, we’re our own biggest critics. We often focus on our flaws...

7 Signs Your Ex Will Come Back After A Breakup

It's inevitable that after breaking up with someone you love, a moment will arrive when you'll wonder if the relationship...

5 Tips To Help You Deal With Negativity On Social Media

Two years ago, I started a photography business. I created several posts on social media as a way to...

5 Period Products You May Or May Not Know About

Believe it or not, disposable pads and tampons aren't the only options for girls and women to protect against...

What It Feels Like To Be In The Throes Of Body Dysmorphia

I feel like there are spiders under my skin.  Every piece of fabric that clings to my body somehow feels...

The Pros & Cons Of Adding Your Political Affiliation To Your Dating Profile

In the age of online dating, there's a question you need to ask yourself concerning your political affiliation: Should...

6 Ways Drumming Is Good For Your Physical & Mental Health

Drums have remained at the heart of social and cultural events all over the world for centuries. In our...

Stop Getting Your News From Facebook & Start Doing Your Research

With lots of social media posts and a stream of 24-hour news, it's hard to understand what news is...

7 Reasons CBD Gummies Are So Popular Right Now

CBD gummies are still a relatively new addition to the cannabidiol industry and one that has become extremely popular....

I Tried The New Butt Facial And I Am Obsessed

Contrary to what those deodorant ads might have you believe, the most neglected part of your body isn't your...

Invest Wisely: Why You Shouldn’t Invest In Stocks Like GameStop

Even if you don’t make enough money to invest in the stock market, you likely heard about GameStop’s recent...

World Bipolar Day: 10 Harmful Myths About Bipolar Disorder

On March 30th, the world comes together to bring awareness to a mental illness that afflicts 45 million people...

I Tried Online Therapy And It Didn’t Go As Planned

Nowadays, there are plenty of online mental health counseling options. Apps and websites such as BetterHelp, Talkspace, and Cerebral...

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