Taking Control Of My Body: Why I Quit Birth Control After 12 Years

The day started like any other day. I was 10 years old, excited for my softball tournament later that day, and I...

How To Have A Love Life On A Friends Trip While Still Being A...

So you are on a vacation with your besties, and you meet someone absolutely gorgeous. You might be torn between wanting to...

We Traveled 10,000 Miles Across The World To Save Our Marriage

We knew something had to be done. We were walking, my husband and I, along the stretch of shore between the Hermosa...

5 Cottagecore Inspired Outfits For The Fall

Although summer is over, the fashion trends will likely carry on into the fall season. One trendy aesthetic is ‘Cottagecore’ — a...

Please Vote: A Plea From Someone Whose Country Took Democracy For Granted

Election Day is around the corner. Probably, you feel like it was yesterday the last time you...

5 Things You Can Do To Distract Yourself When You Feel Lonely

Loneliness is a prevailing and burdensome emotion we frequently bear in our modern lives. As with many...
shows being cancelled

5 Fan Favorite Shows That Are Being Cancelled

COVID-19 has stolen a lot of things from us. From memorable holidays and celebrations, the list is...

7 Essential Tips For Working Adults Who Want To Be Dog Owners

We love our dogs to no end, and always want to be there for them. However, with...

Why Bi Visibility Day Matters So Damn Much To The LGBTQ+ Community

If you've scrolled through social media at all today, then you probably already know that September 23...
i'm not okay depressed

I’m Not Depressed, But I’m Not Okay Either

I can feel it in my soul: I’m not okay. I’ve noticed myself starting to slip into...
Obsession With My Ex

How Social Media Fueled An Out-Of-Control Obsession With My Ex

When I met my ex, we immediately clicked. He loved theater, travel, and books — things I...

Flying Has Changed Forever, Here’s What You Need To Know

In case you haven't flown since the COVID-19 pandemic began, everything you knew prior about flying no...

4 Delicious Fall Recipes For The PSL Lovers

The weather forecast calls for the first cool day in September and what do we do? Pull...
Animal Crossing alternatives

3 Games To Play If You’re Obsessed With Animal Crossing: New Horizons

2020 has been a strange year, hasn’t it? Some of us – like myself – can barely...

6 Safe Activities To Celebrate National Girl’s Night Out

Who’s longing to meet with friends after a long period of isolation? I definitely am… and my...

5 Tips To Help Make Virtual Meetings Less Stressful For You

Virtual meetings are now the norm. While many love the convenience of working from home and jumping online...

7 Ways To Cope If You Feel Anxious About Losing Your Job

Before coronavirus hit, the last thing on our minds was losing our jobs. But for those who...

8 Ways To Bond With Your Coworkers While Working Remotely

Team-building activities can be a great bonding experience for employees. But because so many of us work...

If They Say These 6 Phrases, You May Be In A Manipulative Relationship

Signs of psychological and emotional manipulation are all around us, but they’re often covert. Psychology Today defines...
virtual teaching

What It’s Been Like To Start My Teaching Career During The Pandemic

Even though we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, I’ve decided to put my degree to...

Being The “White” Black Girl Is A Paradox I Know All Too Well

As a child, I never fully grasped the concept of the "white" black girl. However, I am...

4 Emotionally Weird Things That Happened While Planning My Wedding

When I got married last May, I was ecstatic. I was marrying the...

8 Warning Signs That You Are Mentally Exhausted

When your life becomes one big repetitive cycle — or feels like one — you fail to...

7 Thoughtful Gifts For Every Type Of Man In Your Life

Are you looking for birthday or holiday gifts for one of the men in your life? If...

8 Iconic Quotes To Remember The Notorious RBG By

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born March 15, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York to parents of Jewish descent....

Apparently Brad Pitt Is Into Some Kinky Sh*t

We’re going to need a lot of caffeine to fully process this one: Brad Pitt is dating...

30 Subtle Signs That He’s Probably Got A Crush On You

Dating would be a whole lot more straightforward for everyone if people just said how they really...

Author Q&A: Why Primer Is the Superhero We have All Been Waiting For

D.C. Comic’s newest superhero, Primer, is on the scene, and she is who we have all been...

How You Know If You’re Really In Love, According To A Therapist

How do you know if you love someone? And how can you find a source you can...

I Took Nora Ephron’s Love Advice, And It Saved My Life

I dreamt the other night that my kids told me my ex-husband, their father, was getting remarried and...

10 Things You’ll Need To Pack For A Fire Evacuation

The west coast of the United States is engulfed with flames. California is facing one of its...

Country Music Day: 5 Throwback Country Songs That We All Know And Love

Today marks September 17th — Country Music Day! As a result, it’s one of the best days...
rage attacks angry

4 Steps To Break The Cycle Of Your Rage Attacks

Are you stuck in the cycle of rage attacks? Do you experience rage all the time?

6 Tips For Getting Salon-Worthy Nails At Home

We all want flawless nails, but many of us can’t afford to get them professionally done at...

Why Ending My “Fairytale Marriage” Was The Best Thing I Ever Did

Everything is calm now, inside my head. All the mental yelling and screaming ended. All the panicked...

10 Racist Things White People Need to Stop Doing ASAP

There are many ways in which white Americans perpetuate white supremacy in this country. While there is...

Cardi B Takes Her WAP And Files For Divorce From Offset

In case you missed the news yesterday afternoon, music superstar couple Cardi B and Offset officially decided...

4 Skincare Products That You Should Avoid At All Cost

Fall arrives just as summer waves us goodbye. And before we’d even realized it, winter is right...

Please Never Lose Who You Are When You’re In A Relationship

A few days ago I was watching Selling Sunset on Netflix. In the episode where Chrishell Stause...

Why We Mourn The Loss Of People We Don’t Actually Know

The death of a loved one is an inevitable, certain, unavoidable, and inexorable part of life. Surviving family...

4 Brutally Honest Reasons You’re Still Single

If you don’t have a partner right now, you might question if something’s wrong with you. Chances...

7 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Period Underwear

Despite what some ads may lead you to believe, pads and tampons aren’t the only options for...

10 Festive Scents From The Bath & Body Works Halloween Collection

Halloween is just a month and a half away! For those of us who love the holiday...

Want To Elope? 8 Steps To Plan Your Perfect Day

Planning to elope can be challenging because you may lack time and support. But if you dream...

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