If Taylor Swift Has Different Eras, So Can You

Thanks to Taylor Swift, we’ve all seen that we can fit into many “eras” during our lifetime. Any action that can essentially describe your...

According To Science, People Who Are Easily Distracted Are Creative Geniuses

It seems as if everyone you know does some of their best work while sitting in their local coffee shop. But you don't even...

How Did College Become So Freaking Expensive?

As costs continue to rise, particularly in college, many have begun to question why. However, this challenge has given rise to a journey of...

8 Reasons Glamping Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

If you’re an avid traveler or a lover of the great outdoors, it’s time to elevate your adventure game and consider adding glamping to...

How the Body Positivity Movement Is Ignoring Mid-Size Women

Right now, inclusivity is a pillar of the body positivity movement. With brands promoting unretouched photos and self-love campaigns,...

Jacob Chansley Is Running For Congress, And That Scares Me

We all remember the horrific events of January 6, 2021, when rioters and Trump supporters stormed the Capitol to...

Why It’s Important To Think Of School’s Reputation With Sexual Assault Before Enrollment

Choosing a college or university can be both exciting and daunting. It's a new chapter in life with endless...

How Setting Boundaries With Friends Improved My Mental Health

In my years of eating disorder recovery, I’ve met many friends in the treatment centers that I attended. However,...

6 Signs You Have An Anxious Attachment Style & How It Affects Your Relationships

Since the 1960s, psychiatrists and psychologists have studied the science of attachment theory and attachment styles. No, this isn't...

3 Components That Help You Cultivate Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is turning the empathy you have toward others inward. Rather than being critical when you fail or make...

4 Tips For Navigating Each Stage Of Love

We know that true love can change over time, even in healthy relationships. Communication styles and circumstances are unique...
Pursuing Passion

How Pursuing Your Passion Is Good For Your Well-Being

Passion is a cornerstone of a fulfilling life, pivotal in shaping our psychological health. It is that driving force...

Here’s To Everyone Who Has A “Gypsy Soul”

Most of us spend our childhood and adult years living in the same place we grew up unless we...

How To Cope When You Feel Completely Drained And Emotionally Exhausted

Two years ago, I hit the wall. I was bone-crushingly exhausted, and it had nothing to do with sleep. My...

The 9 Most Iconic “Blank Space” Lyrics

Since Taylor Swift released her version of “1989," it’s time to look back at the classics. And the “Blank...
Anti Dating Apps

Why Anti-Dating Apps Appeal To Those Who Crave Independence

Breaking free from the post-breakup blues often involves exploring unconventional avenues for connection. Enter anti-dating apps, a revolutionary alternative...
View of Sydney Opera House

You Must Visit These Romantic Locations In Sydney, Australia

In a city as vibrant and enchanting as Sydney, romance is never far away. Whether you're a longtime resident,...

Business School: 5 Important Things to Remember When Applying

After all of those consultations with your guidance counselor, you decide that want to become an accountant, a marketing expert,...

How I Learned To Embrace My Appearance & Love Myself

Almost every night, I put on lipstick, fixed my hair, and looked at myself in the mirror. Then, I...

How To Spot Scammers When Shopping And Selling Online

Over the last five months, I have been scammed out of $600 through online sales. I’ve had a hard...
Ham Casserole After Baking

How To Prepare A Delicious Casserole For The Holidays

Ham Casserole is one of the most popular dinner dishes in the United States. In fact, if you Google...

How To Age Gracefully Using A Holistic Approach

The physiological process of aging begins much earlier than most people realize. Collagen production begins to dwindle in your...

10 People’s Hellish First Dates & The Critical Takeaways

The best part about dating is that horrifying dates are inevitable. If you're shaking your head and wondering what's so...
man with performance anxiety

A Guide For Men: Overcoming Performance Anxiety In The Bedroom

Men often grapple with societal expectations that demand confidence, control, and perfection in all aspects of life. This pressure...

Feeling Stuck? 10 Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block

Whether penning the next great American novel, a blog post, or a heartfelt letter, every writer has faced the...
Web Development Career

Considering A Career In Web Development? Read This First

If you're a college student or individual looking for a career change, you may be excited about the prospect...

5 Upcoming Fashion Trends For 2024

2024 is almost here, and the best part is sure to be the hottest new fashion trends. As the...

Matthew Perry Was More Than An Actor — He Changed Lives

Most of us knew Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing from the hit show “Friends.” Just like other massive fans,...

5 Ways To Feel Happy With Where You’re At In Life Right Now

As you leave high school, everyone you grew up with sprints in different directions. Childhood friends are now successful...

4 Wonderful Healing Benefits Of Wearing Crystals

Throughout history, people have always respected crystals’ beauty and healing qualities. Ancient civilizations, as present-day enthusiasts, have deeply embraced...
Woman After Divorce

9 Essential Tips For Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

Navigating life after divorce can be an overwhelming journey filled with emotional turbulence and uncertainty. The end of a...

How To Tell If Someone Likes You & Isn’t Just Being Nice

When someone's actions are subtle, it can be hard to tell if they like you or are just being...

Is ChatGPT Negatively Impacting Schools And Education?

It was the second week of school, and I was attending my first retail management lecture. The professor pulled...
Woman Letting Guard Down

You Can Still Be Strong And Let Your Guard Down

We don't need to be strong. It's OK to let the guard down now and then.  I have heard throughout...
Hates Partner's Cooking

6 Ways To Deal When You Hate Your Partner’s Cooking

Everybody loves to spend time with their significant other – whether that be going to the movies, to the...

The Intriguing Science Behind Clairaudience And Spiritual Mediums

Spiritualism has long intrigued scientists and the general population, generating numerous debates about its validity. But thanks to recent...

11 Ways To Be Happier In Your Relationship

When your relationship started, you knew in your heart that your feelings were real. When you committed to your partner...

10 Fashion Trends Suitable For All Age Groups

Even though fashion trends constantly change, it’s good to know that some never go out of style. Whether shopping...
How to Talk to Kids About Divorce

How To Talk To Kids About Divorce In A Supportive Way

Family breakup is a difficult period in the life of adults, and even more so for children. The way...

Breaking Barriers: Miss Universe Welcomes Two Transgender Contestants This Year

With its glossy lips and sparkly gowns, Miss Universe has appealed to girls and women alike for over 70...
Enjoying Wine on a First Date

5 Types Of Wine That Pair Well With A First Date

Planning a first date can be a pressuring task. There are lots of different things we all have to...

Maybe She’s Being Rude, Or Maybe It’s PTSD

I was always a little high-strung. I jumped at loud noises and I cried at romantic comedies. My father called...

The 10 Best Lyrics From Taylor Swift’s Version Of “1989”

Now that Taylor Swift has dropped her version of “1989,” it’s time to revisit old goodies and new prizes...
A Picture of Matthew Perry Smiling

Matthew Perry: We Didn’t Know Him, But He Will Always Be There

I turn over onto my side, rest my phone against a book on the bedside table, and insert the...

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