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ways to be healthy

5 Ways To Be Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

In recent years, living a healthy life has become challenging. As the price of fresh produce continues...
linkin park

How Listening To Linkin Park Helped Me Cope With Depression

Like many people, I have always been into all types of music. My favorites include country, pop,...

30 Minute Workouts, 4 Days A Week Changed Everything For Me

Working out can be a dreadful task. Sometimes it’s not the first thing on our to-do list,...
if it were not for anorexia

I Grieve The Me I Could Have Been If It Weren’t For Anorexia

Sometimes, I feel like I’m grieving the ‘me’ I could have been. Others grieve her too. Sometimes,...

3 Steps To Combat Your Anxiety When It’s Telling You Everyone Hates You

Anxiety likes to convince you that everyone hates you. Personally, it tells me that everyone I’ve met,...

New Study Finds That Scents Can Help You With Anxiety & Stress

Once, I shared with a counselor that I sprayed my boyfriend’s cologne on a teddy bear to...

5 Interesting Benefits That Essential Oils Can Bring To Your Life

Did you know that essential oils can do everything from protect your oral health to kill MRSA...
paddleboard yoga

Why You Need To Jump On The Paddleboard Yoga Trend

For those who don’t know, paddleboard yoga is a type of yoga done while paddle-surfing. But don’t worry!...

Why You Shouldn’t Measure Your Fitness Progress Through A Scale

People often become frustrated when they don’t see the numbers drop every time they step on a...

“Kurbo” Is Setting Up the Next Generation For Eating Disorders

"Kurbo" is being marketed as a tool, but it's truly a weapon. Here's why you should be scared by it (like I am).

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