You Destroyed Me, But I’m Piecing Myself Back Together

When a great injustice occurs and emotions run high, I like to write about it to help me get through it, and grow from it. I was inspired to write this poem when I kept seeing so many articles coming out about the injustices of sexual assault and rape in our culture. I believe that writing can help you heal, and sometimes reading can do the same. (Trigger warning for rape and sexual assault.)

Do You Sleep Well At Night?

I was far younger than you, but
that didn’t seem to bother you.
You had selfish urges to attend to.

You asked if I wanted a drink
but I told myself stay sober.
I guess all you thought was
“I want her.”

I ran upstairs to find someone
to get you away from me,
but everyone seemed to be absent.

I walked around with my heart
pounding and hands shaking.
I felt as though I was breaking.

I didn’t hear anything
and assumed you had gone to bed
I went to a room to try to brush it off,

but I heard your footsteps instead.
You put your lips on mine,
and your hands on my skin.

I said no in a voice that came out weak,
but I was screaming from within.
I finally got the strength to push you off of me –

You looked at me with disgust and said
“Sweetheart, maybe you should work out
before you put out.”
You went away and I was left to myself.

I blamed myself and cried for days.
I know now it is you to blame.
I can finally stop putting myself to shame.

Featured Image via Pexels


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