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10 Characteristics Of Women Who Are Comfortable With Being Alone

Women who are used to being alone are unique and mysterious creatures. Many do not understand them...

My Abuser Tried To Buy My Silence For $10,000 But I Didn’t Let Him

Picture this: You're in court to have a temporary restraining order extended against your former abuser.  It's...

6 Working Women Share How They Balance Their Long Work Hours & Home Life

Back in the 1960s, only 20 percent of mothers worked, most husbands served as the sole sources...
non-traditional bridal wedding looks

8 Non-Traditional Wedding Looks For The Modern Bride

You do not need to stick to traditional wedding looks -- instead, stand out! Check out these 8 styles that'll keep all eyes on you during your big day.

10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 18-Year-Old Self About Contraceptives

“You mean this could actually give me minor strokes?” It’s a difficult decision...

How Phone Sex Has Made Me Feel Empowered AF

This past year left me as drained and blank as a winter landscape. The last few months...

The Real Problem With Daddy Issues Isn’t The Women Who Have Them

A guy first labeled me as a girl with daddy issues at 18. After...

Why Netflix’s “Unbelievable” Is The Wake-Up Call We Need To Stop Rape Culture

In 2008, a masked intruder broke into Marie Adler’s apartment and repeatedly raped her for hours. After...

A Midwife Answers The Vagina Questions You’ve Been Too Nervous To Ask

Weird smells, sounds and STIs? Luckily for you, Heather Sevcik has seen it all!

1 In 16 U.S. Women Lost Their Virginity As A Result Of Rape

The JAMA Internal Medicine medical journal recently published a study with some alarming facts. According to the...

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