4 Ways Cannabis Can Help Women Live Their Best Lives

A woman’s life is a beautiful mess. With all the hormonal turmoil they experience to the struggles of their...

6 Things You Should Remember As An Independent Woman

People often call me “too independent,” but I love being an independent woman. For the past year-and-a-half, I’ve lived...

5 Reasons I Want A Marriage And Not A Wedding

Weddings are beautiful events to attend, and they’re the happiest days of many couples’ lives. As a single twenty-two-year-old,...

The Devastation Of Having A Miscarriage While Your Friend Has A Baby

There are some things that are just more fun when you have your best friend around. Dancing? Better with...

7 Alarming Signs That You Need To Book A Visit With Your Gynecologist

Even though regular check-ups at your gynecologist are essential, many women tend to skip them. Moreover, some women don’t...

What Giving Birth Actually Feels Like For The Baby

The miracle of birth is something we all go through. Sadly, we can't remember any of it. A mom may...

Study Finds Women Love Being Objectified… By Their Partner

Some women are okay with strangers catcalling them; they find it flattering and it makes them feel hot and...

7 Tips To Help You Take The Best Nudes On Your iPhone

In the days of hormone-fueled sexting and unsolicited d*ck picks, there’s no way to survive without a trusty iPhone....

Planned Parenthood Services Helped Me After 3 Doctors Refused

It seems Planned Parenthood services are always under attack, mainly by pro-life activists and politicians who picture Planned Parenthood as...

Sorry, But Your Penis Won’t Fix My Sexual Trauma

As a sexual assault survivor, I do many things to maintain a sense of safety at all times. While...

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