8 Key Steps To Having A Kick-Ass Ladies’ Night

As we get older and begin to grow apart from our friend groups due to time constraints and other obligations in life, the rare ladies’ nights become few and far between. So in that once in a lifetime shot that you have at getting all the girls together again for a night on the town, you don’t want to screw it up. There are so many factors that could easily ruin a good night, especially if you’re throwing alcohol into the mix. By having a plan ahead of time, those obstacles can easily be avoided.

1. No boys allowed

This seems obvious, since it’s a – well – ladies’ night. In every group of friends, there’s always at least one or two that just can’t seem to be separated from their boyfriend or husband for just one freakin’ night. Whether they’re constantly texting them or actually bringing them along, cut that shit out. The less testosterone up in this shit, the better. Which brings me to point number two…

2. Install anti-drunk texting apps

Both the Apple app store and Google Play have a variety of anti-drunk texting and dialing apps that you can download simply by searching phrases such as “drunk dial.” In order to prevent number one on this list from happening, it’s a good idea to have everybody download one of these apps to stop drunk texting or dialing before it happens. Alcohol, emotions, phones, and exes simply do not mix well.

3. Have each other’s backs

If I was listing these off in order of importance, this would definitely be number one. This should be your top priority even if it’s a normal night out and not a ladies’ night. Make sure everyone has a buddy so it’s easier to keep track of everyone, especially if you’re going out in a large group. There’s a strength in numbers – meaning you’re less likely to get harassed by men (it still might happen but it’s less likely) and you’re less likely to end up in a dangerous situation.

4. Make a day out of it

If time allows, make an entire day out of it. Go shopping, get your nails done…spend a day doing things to get ready to go out. Getting ready is half the fun. You don’t need a special occasion to do it! Besides, spending all that time together is going to throw you back to your hangouts in high school and college.

5. Turn it into a game

See who can get the most numbers or use the weirdest pickup lines on dudes. Even if you’re taken it can still be fun because it doesn’t have to go anywhere. It’s so easy to create your own game and just have fun with it.

6. Turn it into your own bar crawl

The night doesn’t have to stay at one place. Bar hop across town and you can make up rules as you go. You could even get cute shirts made with a slogan for whatever you choose to name your own bar crawl. Try to make it to every single bar in a specific area before bar close (but remember to stick together!).

7. Add to the party as you go

Don’t be afraid to make some new friends and take them along as you go. Any girl can tell you that there is no nicer creature on this planet than a drunk college girl (I, myself, am guilty. If you catch me in the bathroom at the bar, I’ll likely tell you how beautiful you look while feeding you Cheez-Its and giving you $20). The whole reason for ladies’ night is to celebrate being a lady! So don’t be shy! Make some friends!

8. Pitch in for a party bus

This one doesn’t make much sense if you live in a smaller town where all of the bars are within a one or two mile stretch of Main Street, but if you live in the suburbs and want to hit up the city, it seems reasonable. This is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get your crew around safely with a sober driver, and all in one place. Different places offer different kinds of buses, and it’s always a good time. Have everyone pitch in $20 or so and that should cover the bus for a couple of hours to hit the town.

While it’s certainly nice to let loose and not worry about anything, it’s important to be smart about what you’re doing. Keep an eye on each other. Know your limits, and never drink and drive. A night of fun can quickly turn into a night of tragedy and that’s why it’s important to have a plan when you’re going out with friends. Whether it’s a full blown wild night out or just a night out for margaritas and karaoke, when you’re with your girls, you’re sure to have a good time.

Featured image via Elevate on Unsplash


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