9 Stupid Questions You Hear When You Work In Customer Service

This summer, I work at a recreation park, where a lot of our activities rely on good weather. I deal with customers every day (with a smile of course). But, if you’ve ever worked a guest services job, or a job that requires you to deal with customers every minute of every day, you know that they sometimes ask silly (read: dumb) questions. I compiled the best questions I’ve gotten in just one day.

  1. “I see that the forecast says it’s going to rain later. What time exactly is it going to start raining?”

Um… I don’t know. Let me go call Mother Nature real quick and ask her what her plans are for the day.

  1. “So I’m looking at your website right now, and I’m on the page titled activities. But I’m just wondering if I can see the activities you have.”

You mean the page that says “Activities” doesn’t list our activities? Have you tried scrolling down? No? Okay, I’ll list everything for you. Oh you see it all now? Greeeaaaaat.

  1. “I know you said we have to wear closed-toed shoes, but if I just curl my toes underneath my feet, is that okay?”

No. Unless you genuinely don’t have toes, I can’t help you with that one. There’s a Wal-Mart down the road to purchase some shoes if you really want. Sorry.

  1. “I see that you guys close at 6 PM. There are 50 of us coming up at 5:30. Will we be able to do all the activities?”

Well, considering we close at 6 and I already don’t like you… No.

  1. *Customer staring at my name tag and uniform shirt.* “Hi, do you work here?”

No, I just wear this uncomfortably bright shirt for fun and sneak behind official desks. It’s my idea of the best summer ever.

  1. *Customer is staring at a map* “Okay so do you have a map?”

Ughhhhh. Sure, let me just point at the thing you’re looking at and show you where to go.

  1. “Do people, like, die doing this? Or, well, like, have they ever fallen off this? Is it, like, windy up there? Like, I have my wedding tomorrow and I can’t mess up my hair, so like, is this okay for me?”

Those were, like, three totally different questions, so like, I don’t know how to answer you. Also, if you’re getting married tomorrow, you should have planned out not dying ahead of time.

  1. “Okay so I have to leave in ten minutes. What should I do here?”

Ummm, just leave…? Considering you’ve been standing here asking me stupid questions for five of those ten minutes, you’re kind of out of options here, bub.

  1. *Customer is staring at my name tag* “So what’s your name? Oh, Emily. Hi Emily. So I have a question for you, Emily. What can we do here?”

Well, stranger who is staring at my name tag, let me tell you, in detail with a smile, about alllllll the activities only for you to tell me that you don’t want to spend any money.

I do love my job. It’s really nice for a summer job and I work with some really great people. All I’m saying is, maybe the guests could use their brains before they start talking to me? I might not be responsible for my actions if they’re not careful tomorrow…

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