How The Bachelorette Contestants Are Screwed Out Of Falling In Love

I only recently hopped on the Bachelorette train (no judgements please), and as addicted I am to this season, I can’t help but think about why I didn’t watch it all these years. But, I have to say, I’m just not buying that it’s true love. Sure, the guys are hot and the drama is fun to watch, but I can’t see how someone is able to truly fall head over heels in love in such a media – oriented environment. I enjoy the show, and I’m not trying to place judgements either,

I just can’t imagine how being on a show can build a true and loyal relationship.  

JoJo is beautiful, and has a good personality. There are a million places to find guys so why choose to display all your relationships on television, especially after what happened on Ben’s season? She has seen how the system works, and understands how it feels to have your heart-broken in front of the entire world. I can’t say for sure that she’s only in it for the fame, but personally, I don’t think I could fall in love in on a television show.

Every moment shared with each of the guys is displayed for the world to see. Everything they say and do at the house is also shown to the world. That being said, I can’t believe that everything that is said is completely genuine. Yes, it is possible to have feelings for more than one guy, and I believe that you can love more than one person in a lifetime, but of course when it’s going on TV, you are going to be extremely careful about what you say. I also don’t believe that she can freely tell multiple guys she pictures a life with them, and then send them home the same night. I’m sorry but, I’m not sure she means that every time. Love has no boundaries, and real love should allow you to say anything and everything that is on your mind, without feeling like there is a camera on you.

True love is meant to happen gradually, and being the Bachelorette would be filled with constant pressure, from the media and the viewers, to fall hard right then and there for one of the contestants chosen. Here’s my question – what if she doesn’t fall for any of them? Or, what if she does and then realizes that he is way different off camera. I think there would always be an issue of doing things to please the media, and not yourself. There will always be a feeling of doubt or second-guessing.

To me, being the bachelorette would be like living in a dream world, you get your pick out of all these amazing guys, and you get the fame and fortune on top of it all. The only issue is having your entire relationship flaunted for everyone to see and judge. I mean, Ben and  Lauren’s relationship is everywhere, and it leaves me to question what their real love is like. We only see what is said in interviews, or on Instagram and Twitter.

And Jojo has the added pressure of seeing them together in the tabloids, I can’t imagine that being easy for her.

The media always finds an issue with the contestants, and of course they are never what they seem.  Think about the Chad fiasco people!! I don’t think falling in love in this way would ever be truly satisfying because you will always hear rumors about that person’s past, and have to find these things out through media related sources. It seems like honesty is a hard thing to come by.   

I’m not saying it is impossible to find true love in that kind of environment, but I do think that there would be constant pressure and uncertainty when trying to find love on a show like the bachelorette. With that said, I hope JoJo and any other future bachelor/ bachelorette find what they’re looking for. I know I’ll be tuning in to see how this season ends.

Featured Image via screen grab from ABC’s The Bachelorette 


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