Work That Half-Do: How You Can Rock ‘The Hun’ With Any Hair Type

There’s a new hairstyle on the block. You’ve seen it all of your newsfeed since September and almost all female celebrities rocking it on their Instagram. It originally started with the man bun and has now progressed to women. You’ve laughed and made comments at this style such as, “I don’t get it at all”, or  “I can’t tell if I like it.”

Guys have asked us, “Could you just not pick one? Up or down?” They have told us it looks like we have a mullet. But to be honest, they have never been so confused by hairstyle before.

The trend I appear to be ragging on about is the half up, half down bun. Or, what I like to call it, “The Hun”. Despite the confusion and flashbacks to the 90s, most women I know are absolutely obsessed with this new hairdo (which makes complete sense since all these same women went gaga over the man bun). It’s the perfect way to make your not-so-on-point hair, look very on-point on your extremely bad hair days.

Intrigued by the hun but have no idea how to rock it? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are four different ways to pull it off, from a night out, to workplace ready, to your lazy Sunday needs. After this you won’t want to do your hair any other way.

The Hipster Hun: Make it easy. Hipster life is all about being cool without looking like you’re trying to be cool. No tight, pretty-in-place, knot necessary for that casual day of tailgating or errands in town. You can look edgy and trendy all at once with a style similar to this casual hun.

The Long-Haired Hun: Get that hair out of your face. For straight hair or when you’re looking for something a bit more classy, this is a great style option. This version of the Hun is great for professional or style-driven career paths. Need to look put together for the boss? Have your Hun a bit higher and a bit sleeker for a glam look. It’s the end of an era for the messy bun.

The Shorty Hun: Short hair hanging on the shoulders can be heavy; break that up with the Hun. It gives your hair some dimension by having two levels rather than just keeping it all one length. Pulling up some of the hair also makes the breeze on your neck a bit cooler for those who get a bit warm.

The Curled Hun: loose waves or bigger curls give a dramatic, wild look. Me-ow. The Hun gives you the freedom to whip your curls back and forth while making sure you’re not getting locks blown into your line of vision or getting them stuck in your lipgloss. Because isn’t that the worst!? As a curly haired girl myself, the less that can be moving around, the better it is when I have to brush it.

Gone are the days of the Katniss Everdeen inspired french braid, the “I woke up like dis” messy bun, the big hair don’t care motto. It is time for The Hun to come through in a big way, and not always the same way either. Embrace the change, even though it makes you totally anxious. Styles come and go so take these pro tips with you as you jump on the hun bandwagon.

For more details on how to part your hair and what products to use to achieve the perfect “hun”, check out this video.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


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