37 Underrated Reasons You Should Stay Single In Your 20s

Being single in your twenties seems like the end of the world to some people, but I honestly just can’t see why.

It feels like we’ve all got a ton of pressure on our shoulders to be with someone, as though we aren’t a whole person without  somebody else there to complete us. But let me tell you something; being single doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t mean you’re not valid and there isn’t anything wrong with you. Sometimes when you meet someone, you just click, and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world – I mean, that’s great when it does happen, but there’s no reason to search for it.

Here’s 37 valid reasons why being single can be the best thing to happen in your twenties. Embrace the single girl life!:

1. You can’t get dumped, or cheated on.

2. You don’t need to worry about arguments over silly insignificant details of your life with people you apparently love.

3. You don’t need to think about somebody getting jealous about what you’re doing and when you’re doing it.

4. Even better, you don’t have to get jealous about somebody else’s personal actions at the club, party or even on social media.

5. You can be as lazy as you like; – watch Netflix all day in your sweatpants if you want.

6. No more leg shaving!

7. You can take three hours to get ready and nobody will shout at you to hurry up!

8. You don’t have to impress friends or family of anybody other than your own (I mean come on, your own crazy family is enough for any twenty something to attempt to conquer).

9. You don’t have to pretend to like them, either. Your family knows you secretly find them annoying as sh*t, but your S.O.’s family? Oh you’ll have to kiss *ss all the way til the wedding bells charm.

10. You don’t have to share your bed. Nobody will be rolling onto your pillow, or stealing on the covers. It’s beautiful.

11. Christmas gets a lot cheaper without a boyfriend.

12. And you don’t need to worry about birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s day.

13. No more pretending you like presents that you actually hate! There’s nothing worse than having to put on that absolutely horrible dress he bought because he thought it was sexy.

14. You don’t have to text somebody constantly, unless you want to.

15. No need to worry about the compulsory good morning and goodnight texts. Get up and 1pm, or crash out on the floor, whatever you want!

16. WINE! And as much of it as you like – no judgements here!

17. Your girly rituals can be as horrible and ugly as you want. Wear that face mask, pick that gross pimple, give yourself a messy manicure. No one’s judging!

18. It’s always girls night. Of course your best friend can pop over at 2am, there’s not a man asleep on my pillow.

19. It can be guys night. Invite your guy mates over, go to the pub with them, and not one person will be giving them the evil eye whilst attached to your hip.

20. You can watch Pirates Of The Caribbean on repeat and drool over Johnny Depp, or Orlando Bloom, or both.

21. Your free time is just that – free. Sign up to that new gym class, go to that new wine bar, and try tedious pick up lines on tinder. You’ve got all that time to spend however you want!

22. You can pick up and move the other end of the country, or go traveling around the world, because you’ve not been tied down. You only need to consider what you want, which is how things should be.

23. You never have to have the ‘so where are we going?’ talk. Which is petrifying if you’re not on the same page.

24. As well as never having the internal panic that is ‘Am I in love or just comfortable?’

25. You can always pick the movie…and the pizza, wine, and chocolate to go with it.

26. You can be as picky or as easy to please as you’d like.

27. I’m not saying it’s everyone’s cup of tea, but go and have a date every night with someone new if you want. You’re single.

28. You can choose your plus-one to events. Rather than it being assumed you’re taking your boyfriend

29. There’s no ex-girlfriend drama. Need I say more?

30. You don’t need to put up with annoying habits. Dirty socks on the floor, empty coffee mugs on the windowsill, feet on the sofa – it’s a relief when there are no annoying habits but your own.

31. You can blast out singles anthems, like Single Ladies, to your heart’s content.

32. You can flirt with anybody, whenever you want, and not feel guilty about it.

33. You can kiss beautiful people, and never feel bad about it.

34. You can just love yourself, because you’re not trying to look pretty for somebody else;  but only you.

35. You don’t have to worry about settling down yet, because that sounds oddly close to settling!

36. You can do pretty much anything, actually – isn’t that beautiful?

37. Most importantly, you can start your future on your own terms, free from anybody else’s influence but your own.

So, maybe there isn’t so much to worry about. I can tell you, being with someone you’re crazy about is a great thing, so don’t think I’m writing this because I’m a bitter perpetually single cat lady who constantly tweets about #singlelife.

Yeah, a boyfriend is great, but is it really such a problem to be without one? Just remember, ladies, you’re perfect on your own. You don’t need a man to complete you.

Featured image via Arianna Jadé on Pexels


  1. I seriously love this so much. Being single is great and this article was well done! I liked the “Christmas is cheaper without a boyfriend” because it’s so true!


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