Let It Grow: 7 Reasons To Stop Shaving Your Legs

Everyone knows that November is the best month of the year. Why? Because No Shave November, that’s why. Nothing makes me happier than walking on campus and seeing men with scruff. Unf. And of COURSE I join all the lumbersexuals this season and I refuse to shave for an entire month out of the year (don’t for one second try to tell me that none of you other ladies do this too).

I know it’s not November yet.

But as with any sport, you need to prepare and train before the big event, right?

So, this is why I’m not shaving my legs this season.

1. I am a firm believer that black tights were God’s gift to women. I can still show off my sexy legs, without ANYONE knowing that there is a small forest growing on them.

2. Weather appropriate maxi-dresses. I know that maxi dresses are for the summer, BUT you can transition them into your fall wardrobe as long as you pair them with the right top, and you wear the right colors. So now I can wear a dress, and I have the comfort of no one seeing my hairy legs.

3. I’m saving $$ on razor blades. No shaving = no spending money making sure they’re smooth.

4. Weeding out the shallow guys. Only the very tolerant guys will be willing to touch my legs once they realize it feels like petting a Shih Tzu. Once you find that man, stick with him and embrace the hairy season of Autumn together.

5. No more cuts from shaving. These are seriously the worst, because I seem to have a knack for not just nicking myself when I shave, but causing large flesh wounds. Now, my legs get a chance to heal before I introduce them to razors once again in the spring.

6. My skin won’t be as dry. Shaving makes your legs dry, that’s just a fact of life. With my hair growing freely, my legs will be nice and moisturized. So now my legs will feel like a very SOFT Shih Tzu.

7. Now, I can pretend that my leg hair is keeping me warm. Because, well, it is.

Girls, why bother shaving when we all know that we really hate it anyway? If you’re only going to complain about it, then throw away your razor (we all know it was dull and you’ve been needing to replace it for 6 months anyway). Embrace the fuzz! And then take cute hairy leg couple pictures with your new lumberjack of a boyfriend.

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


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