5 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship In And Out Of The Bedroom


Though many believe that couples tend to have sex more frequently during the warm weather months, you don’t have to resign yourself to a celibate winter. While you could give into the cozy comfort of baggy sweatpants and endless Netflix binges as temperatures drop, why not try some of these suggestions to spice up your bond with your partner instead? 

1. Cook your significant other a special meal. 

Sure, ordering takeout is easy, but if you know about love languages, you know that acts of service — like cooking — can often speak louder than words, especially if you want to deepen your connection with your partner. Whether you make your partner’s favorite dish or use aphrodisiacs as your meal inspiration, enjoy a special meal with your special someone, and see where the evening takes you. 

2. Play a board game. 

Board games are fun, and playing them as a couple increases the release of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that increases love, trust, relationship building, and sexual activity. Try making your next winter game night more adventurous with a sexy twist on your old favorites. From strip Scrabble to nude Twister to naughty Pictionary, there are plenty of ways to spice up your game night! 

3. Experiment with dress-up and role-play. 

If you still have a leftover Halloween costume, now’s the perfect time to put that sexy outfit to good use! If you don’t have costumes, make some from clothes that you and your partner already own. The possibilities are endless, especially once you get in bed together. 

4. Have a home spa night. 

Winter is the perfect season for a warm home spa night with your partner! Fill a bathtub with hot water and a few drops of aphrodisiac essential oil, like sandalwood oil, ylang ylang oil, patchouli oil, or clary sage oil, and spend a bit of time soaking together. If you don’t have a tub big enough for two, indulge in a hot shower with an aromatherapy shower steamer. Once you and your partner are both toweled off, go back to the bedroom, and try your hand at a sensual massage. 

5. Learn something new about each other. 

Even if  you’ve been with your partner forever and already shared your deepest, darkest secrets, there are still surprising details to uncover about your significant other if you ask the right questions. Having deep conversations with your partner doing so is an amazing way to reignite your spark. If you don’t know where to start, try fun game sets, like the BestSelf Intimacy Deck with 150 prompts or the Sexy Truth or Dare Pick a Stick pack.  

Whatever suggestion you choose to try, keep an open mind and an adventurous heart, advises Tara Merkle, director of marketing at #LubeLife, a US-based personal lubricant brand with over 120,000 reviews. “A sense of adventure should always be part of a couple’s sex life,” Merkle continues. “When couples do things outside of their normal routine, they are often more relaxed and less stressed. It’s a great opportunity to really explore intimacy and try new activities that they may not have had a chance to before.”

Featured Photo by Jeremy Banks on Unsplash.


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