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What It’s Like To Meet Your SO’s Parents As Told By GIFs

Meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents for the first time is never fun. You have so many emotions flying around before the meeting, during the meeting, and after the meeting. Here are a few of my favorite moments told by GIFs.

1. When your SO agrees to bring you over for dinner to meet the family before they even talk to you about it.

2. What it feels like when they release the parent bomb on you but you’re not ready.

3. After you agreed to go, but realize you actually have to go.

4. Trying to use any excuse possible so you don’t have to go.

5. When you walk in the house, trip and your skirt goes above your head, right in front of his mother. (Yes, this has actually happened).

6. When they ask the question of “what are your life plans” but you have no idea.

7. After they serve dinner and you’re allergic to the meal…

8. The advice your family gives you before you leave the house…

9. When you start over thinking if they’ll like you or not but remember everyone loves you, cause you’re awesome!

10. When you and your bestie are patiently waiting for that “they loved you” text and you get it.

These are only ten emotions told by GIFs that you get from meeting the parents. There are plenty more and many funny stories, but meeting the parents should be a fun thing, not a bad thing. If you’re worried that they won’t like you… just see what happens, who knows, maybe they’ll love you. Be yourself and have a good time is the only advice I can give you today. Relax and you’ll be okay, I promise. Good luck and have fun.

Feature image via Jack Sparrow on Pexels



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