Sexting 101: Master The Art Of Sexting With These 4 Tips

Sexting at any stage in a relationship is totally normal and eventually expected. Even if you swore off of it years ago because you didn’t feel comfortable or felt you weren’t good at it. We as women always doubt ourselves and sexting can totally be daunting! It’s such a personal thing and you don’t want to feel like an idiot.

Luckily for me, using my words to get someone else hot and bothered has always worked well. So I’ve compiled my best tips to help other women feel empowered and confident enough to try it for themselves.

Start Simple

When it’s your first few times you always get extremely nervous and self-conscious. So I suggest starting out small by simply saying things that lead to anticipation for later. It’s innocent, which will drive the person in your life crazy, and it shows effort you’re trying.

Terms to start with include: “Just wait until I see you tonight, you’re gonna get it,” or, “I can’t wait until I’m done ___ so I can go home and f*ck you.”

Tease Them While At Work

By this I mean to tease them while they’re at work, you’re at work, or you are both working. Guys especially love being teased while in public in general because it leads to anticipation and apparently they love hiding boners in public. Get descriptive about what you’re wearing, or what you want them to do if they were with you. Again, innocent, but dangerously sexy.

Things you could say include: “I was a really bad girl today… I forgot to wear panties to work and I’m in a tight skirt,” or, “I’m alone here at work, wanna come here and f*ck me like the dirty office slut I am?”

Snap Them a Pic Randomly

Sending pictures of yourself doesn’t have to be risque or overly dirty. Sometimes sending them a picture of you at home in bed with your boobs hanging out a bit are enough to do the trick, or sending a pic of your booty looking bomb in the new skirt you got. You don’t have to be naked to be sexy.

Picture idea’s to send can include: a pic of you trying on lingerie at a random time (could be as you’re there or just an old pic you saved for a rainy day), or a naked selfie you took earlier that morning and send it to them while you’re sitting next to them on the couch without them seeing you send it. JUST DON’T SHOW YOUR FACE!

Tell Them a Story

I would suggest to only tell a story, or tease him with a story when you are really comfortable with sexting and confident in your abilities. My best tip is to think of a scenario and write it out as descriptive as possible. The more descriptive you are the more they can visualize it. You don’t have to talk about penetration, but you can tease into oral sex (for example) just to tease them into wanting you more.

Try being descriptive like this: “As you were about to start taking off your belt I stop you and reach up from over the tub and did it myself. You need to relax, and that’s what I’m here for. You moan and the touch of your____ makes me excited…”

Again, sexting can be daunting and is very scary to get into. Both parties have to be comfortable and ready to do it. Otherwise it can be extremely uncomfortable, and that’s something you should never be when it comes to sex. After your first few attempts and baby steps it’ll start to come naturally and you’ll find yourself growing as a sexting couple. Just do what makes you comfortable and your confidence will bloom.

Featured image via Pablo Toledo on Unsplash


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