My Friends Love Speed Dating & Here’s Why I Can’t Wait To Try It

Modern-day dating can be interesting, mainly because it gives us so many different ways to meet people We can look for love online, ask our friends to hook us up with blind dates, or even find someone through more traditional means. However, there’s one type of dating I’ve never tried: speed dating.

Several friends of mine have shared stories about their speed dates, and I love that they were able to connect with so many people in such a short amount of time.

They say that you only live once, so I’m constantly open to trying new things.

I enjoy pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Since speed dating essentially forces you to talk to many new people in a short amount of time, I think that it would really help me find love. I could use my speed dating experience to test my ability to tolerate people with different viewpoints (and of course, see if I meet any weirdos).

Also, I feel like I would really enjoy the opportunity to get to know people who are outside my usual “type.” I typically date the same kind of guy, but speed dating would allow me to connect with other types of men and see what really catches my attention. Who knows, I just may find that I really like a guy who is the exact opposite of the men I normally attract!

Mostly I just want to know why my friends rave about speed dating and hear other perspectives on love and relationships. I firmly believe that everyone has a story to tell, and I love diving into deep conversations to learn how other peoples’ minds work. I think that speed dating would be a fun, out-of-the-box way to really connect with others 

Although I’ve been on numerous first dates, I have no idea what happens during a “speed date.”

I want to quench my curiosity and learn exactly how speed dates work and how the time crunch impacts how open people truly are. I’d love to know how their openness on a speed date compares to how they’d open up on a traditional first date.

In all honesty, speed dating is just another item on my bucket list that I hope to check off sooner rather than later. I think that speed dating would feel exhilarating and would also give me some funny stories to share with my friends and family, too. I can’t wait to try speed dating and see exactly what it has to offer!

Photo by Relevante design on Unsplash


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