Your Go-To Guide for Getting Tattooed in Brooklyn


Everybody knows that Brooklyn is filled with tatted-up hipsters, punks, and artists as far as the eye can see. And luckily for those reading, I happen to be one of them. 

I’ve been getting tatted in Brooklyn for quite some time now, both before and after I officially moved to the borough. And though I’m not an expert by any means — alas, I lack the chops to be a tattoo artist — I do know a thing or two about the best places to get your next piece when you find yourself on this side of the bridge. 

Here are five of my choice spots to go under the needle.

1. Gnostic Tattoo

Gnostic is one of the first places I got tattooed in Brooklyn. Needless to say, I kept coming back to this super-cool Bushwick spot for more. From their deep black and gray stunners to their sharp American traditional designs, the artists here truly know what they’re doing. They are also kind, cool, and welcoming. 

2. Haven Tattoo Brooklyn

This private studio in Bushwick is queer woman-owned. It houses amazing designs from artists that all lean into the dazzling, cutesy tattoos that have become popular in recent years. These folks do not shy away from color, and the unique styles coming out of this shop are true treasures. Check out their get-what-you-get tattoo specials or book a custom appointment in this comfortable, welcoming space.

3. Rose Tattoo Parlour

If you want old-school American traditional, head to Rose Tattoo for some of New York’s very best. You may know Rose Tattoo as the home of Mark Cross, Bradley Sizemore, and Melanie Jane — an artist I proudly wear, by the way. You can snag an appointment with them, as well as so many other brilliant traditional artists ready to deck you out in some retro ink.

4. Fleur Noire Tattoo

With locations in Brooklyn and LA, Fleur Noire is a perfect place to collect your blackwork, realism, dainty florals, and gorgeous portraits. Basically, they have everything. With a variety of artists giving off sharp linework and stylish creative prowess, Fleur Noire is sure to leave you with something unique and unforgettable.

5. Nice Tattoo Parlor

Yet another women-owned shop, Nice Tattoo Parlor in Williamsburg is a tattoo destination for anyone and everyone. Head here for expertly crafted linework, florals, minimalism, black and grey, and even realism. Their tagline, “A tattoo parlor where everyone is nice to you,” definitely rings true on this one, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a great ink experience.

Of course, there are so many amazing tattoo shops and artists in Brooklyn. From no-nonsense traditional tattooing to the dazzling designs of colorful feminine charm, you can find just about anything here. Be careful — you might just get addicted to the ink!

Feature Image by cottonbro from Pexels


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