Why A Pizza And Wine Night Is Better Than Going Out

Well, it’s that time of year again: say farewell to the amazing, sun-kissed memories of summer and hello to our cozy sweaters and hibernation schedules. By this I mean movie nights consisting of wine, food, sweatpants and your best friends.

Let’s be real, a night out with your squad is always a great time. From getting ready together, to dancing in the club like no one is watching, or forcing shots down each other’s throats, girls’ night can get a little wild.

I don’t know about you, but as I get older my body hates me after my fourth shot of tequila… which is not fair because I LOVE tequila. Regardless of my love/hate relationship with tequila, it is now much more socially acceptable  to stay in under the covers and drink a bottle of wine (or two) and “Netflix and Chill” with your friends.

Here are some reasons why a pizza and wine night is better than a wild night out:

  1. You and your friends can order whatever kind of pizza you want, get it delivered and never have to change out of your yoga pants and oversized T-shirt. Pepperoni pizza with stuffed crust? Duh.

Pizza Gif

2. While you’re waiting for the pizza to be delivered into your arms, you and your friends can stalk hot people on Instagram. Careful, though… steer clear of accidental likes and heart attacks. Even if you unlike in a hot second, you secretly hope they DO see it and fall in love with you. The end.

stalk gif

3. Watching a romantic movie and eating an entire pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream out of the container in bed with your friends. No questions, just pure happiness.

Ice Cream GIF

  1. When you’re drunk and hungry, there’s no stopping you from going to Taco Bell and ordering a burrito and a crunch wrap supreme. You think all is great in the world until you get the spins and you feel like you’re either going to puke or die or both. If you stay home in the same, at least you’ll be in the comfort of your own home and you can crawl back to your bed afterwards.


5. Each friend brings over a different bottle of wine because having a girls’ night with wine is much more fun than one without. After the third bottle, you get tipsy and start to have those real life, best friend motivational conversations about how beautiful you are inside and out, no matter what.

goddess girls

6. Let’s be real, wine is like a best friend. Wine is everything. Wine is BAE.

Wine Glass GIF

7. It’s always great to wake up at a reasonable hour, not be hungover to the point of death and also remembering your night. Sure, I love going out and getting my freak on at the club, but a Saturday morning spent not smelling like vodka is pretty nice.

Thumbs up GIFIf you take away anything from this, please remember that no matter how you spend your Friday and Saturday nights, the key is to ENJOY YOURSELVES LADIES! Happy pizza and wine nights!

Treat GIF

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


  1. If you want to spend quality time with your better half then spending a night home, in your lounge and sipping on a glass of wine or spirit with pizza is the best thing that you can do for yourselves.


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