5 Simple Things That Make Every Woman Feel Beautiful

I’m a woman. Sometimes I feel beautiful, and sometimes I feel as if I often fall short of today’s beauty standard. I know I speak for most women when I say we LOVE to feel beautiful…but how can we make that possible? There are some things that every woman can count on for that little burst of confidence when she’s not totally feelin’ herself, and I’m sure we’re all guilty of each and every one of these.

1. Applying freshly purchased makeup, even if you’re not going out


I can’t be the only girl who gets excited when she buys new eyeliner – I just want to test it out ASAP. But obviously I have to compliment it with some eye-shadow and mascara. Maybe some blush. Oooo and some lipstick. So now that you look hot and have nowhere to go, you can stock up on those cute selfies to post on Insta when you’re feeling like a bum. #tbt

2. Getting complimented by the guy you’ve been eye-groping for months

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I’m in a relationship, and I know my heart flutters every time my boyfriend notices something about my appearance that I may find remarkably flawed. Not that you need a guy to make you feel beautiful, but sometimes having reassurance gives you a little extra ego-boost. Yes, please compliment my ears when I feel like Dumbo.

3. Wearing matching underwear and staring at yourself in the mirror

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Don’t lie to me…when you put on that sexy, lacy set you just snagged from Victoria’s Secret or Aerie (shout out for the natural models and no photoshop!) you can’t help but stare at yourself in the mirror and think “Damn, I’m hot.” You give yourself those eyes, you strike a post, stare at your ass because that pair of underwear does WONDERS for your curves, and you just. feel. sexy. Right there, in that moment.

4. Dressing cute, but walking around fresh-faced

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Yes, we like wearing makeup. No, we don’t wear it to attract boys – we wear it for OURSELVES. But we all know that there’s no better feeling than taking off that makeup and feeling like your face can breathe. EXCEPT wearing that fresh face out with a cute sweater and some leggings. Who said you have to wear makeup to compliment your features? Own your natural look while still strutting your cute sense of style. Work it, girlfriend.

5. Feeling your legs right after you shaved/waxed

giphy (6)

Yaaaaaaas smooth legs. Getting out of the shower after shaving your legs can make you feel like a whole new woman. Not to mention that you make EVERYONE you encounter that day feel your legs so they, too, can bask in the glory that is your smooth baby skin. You go up to your best friend and say “Hey, I shaved today, feel my legs,” and they do it, because they understand you. They probably do it to you, too.

We all have insecurities, and we all know how it feels to look in the mirror and not love what’s looking back. But there are always surefire ways to boost our self-confidence and remind ourselves that we’re hot sh*t and no one can tell us otherwise. So go put on that sexy pair of underwear, shave your legs and flaunt them around, throw on a cute outfit, and strut your stuff with your natural beauty. You ARE beautiful, regardless of societal standards. You are you, and that’s #flawless.

Featured image via Matt Hardy on Pexels


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