Scroll And Stop: 11 Instagram Accounts Worthy Of Your Double Tap

Ahhhh, Instagram. The place where you can shamelessly post selfies, where your boyfriend can “secretly” like those naked pictures of that porn star (spoiler, guys: we can see what pictures you like) and the only social media site where you can follow anyone and everyone you want without total judgment. I’m a big fan of the ‘gram, so I’ve highlighted some of the best accounts to follow to spice up your Insta life.

1. manbunmonday

Shout out to my best friend Hannah for introducing me to this wonderful account and forever changing my outlook on the bun. Welcome to the land solely dedicated to – you guessed it – manbuns. Have fun scrolling through post after post of gorgeous men sporting the manbun (screenshoting every other one to send to your friends). The best part? On Monday, the pictures overflow your feed and you don’t even have to see the obnoxious #MCM that girl that went to your high school posts ever-so-religiously. #ilovedabunz

2. fuckjerry

This is seriously the funniest account I’ve ever followed. It’s basically just a bunch of immature yet hilarious posts that are so pointless but so necessary to get you through the day. It ranges from the typical meme to hilariously captioned pictures. You’ll find yourself tagging a friend in the comment section so you all can laugh together.

3. your hometown’s instagram account

The only way to get people to stop complaining that their city has nothing to do, is to get them to find their city’s Instagram account. This is the best way to find things to do around your city while realizing that your life might not totally suck. Also, you might find yourself in a post – (creepy yet oddly satisfying, am I right?) Here’s my city – aka the best city – sharelouisville.

4. fashiondads_

You think your dad‘s cargo shorts are embarrassing? Your father will soon resemble the next GQ model when compared to these #fashiondads. Get ready to laugh at goofy American fathers and just hope yours doesn’t show up.

5. humansofny

Nothing puts your life into perspective than reading one of these tear-jerking posts on Instagram. After reading one, you suddenly realize how stupid and subpar your own account is. Plus, there’s always an unlimited amount of adorable kids in the “Today in microfashion…” posts.

6. betches

Let the sass begin. This is for when you’re extra annoyed by seeing yet another engagement photo and just want someone to post something bitchy, yet hilarious. Unwritten also teamed up with them to create the most bomb-ass summer guide which you need to look at like, yesterday.

7. Your mom’s instagram

Where else are you going to find another account dedicated to your family AND get a like from them on every post? While you might not be able to convince her that you can’t zoom in on Instagram, I promise you she’ll never disappoint you on the ‘gram in any other way. Thank you, mom, for being such a loyal liker. #blessed

8. girlwithnojob

Girlwithnojob is a hilarious account filled with memes about the daily struggles of life. This is for when you feel like complaining about your mundane day-to-day tasks (paying bills, being an adult, how long until happy hour, etc.) but know you can’t post anything about it because you’ll get in trouble with work, or worse – unfollowed.

9. textsfromyourex

Everyone knows that awkward period of a breakup when someone entertains the idea of getting back together, right? See first-hand why that would be worse than going to a Nickelback concert. This account posts real-life texts from ex’s and gives you ideas when your ex tries to contact you.

10. miserable_men

These are men that went shopping. I’m just going to let you figure out the rest.

11. readunwritten

And of course, Unwritten‘s Instagram because we’re just a bunch of cool writers who love wine, pizza and social media. Follow our Insta for a little bit of sass, a dose of laughter, and a whole lot of fab.

Follow these accounts and I guarantee you will no longer have to constantly see posts of happy couple after happy couple, but rather a solid stream of great material. Have fun ‘gramming it up!

Feature Image via Unsplash



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