To The Person Who’s Always Been In My Corner

Life gets challenging and feels impossible at times, and I often find myself questioning if I’m doing the right thing or making the right choices. However, nothing is more comforting than to know, no matter what decision I end up making, I always have you to support me through it all.

This poem goes out to a very important person in my life that has, and always will be, cheering in my corner: my younger sister. Thank you for always having my back, and whether I’m right or wrong, thank you for loving me to the moon and back. I love you, sissy.

You may be the younger one,
but I always look up to you.
You cringe and blush red,
but with you, I see beauty,
intelligence, and compassion.
It’s amazing how you inspire
and create and love
almost without thinking.

You’re always right there,
when I struggle, when I love,
when I fall and get back up.

You and I are inseparable.
If we said goodbye,
things would seem out-of-place –
the world would feel wrong.
With you, things are brighter,

You’re a light in the tunnel,
a comfort when I’m failing,
a bright star in my universe.

It’s easy to take each other for granted,
God knows I do.
But at the end of the day,
No matter what,
You know I’ll always show up for you.

You’re my best friend,
And someone I hold close to my heart,
Because of that,
There’s no day I look forward to spending apart.
Cradle to grave, right?

Featured image via ashmodica.


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