Why You Get More Support From Strangers Than You Do From Your Loved Ones

Have you noticed that in many cases, it is strangers who seem to support you in your ambitions more than your friends do?

Believe it or not, the fact of the matter is that strangers will support you more than the people you know ever will.

Now that I am pursuing my passion as a writer, I’ve realized that some of my biggest, most genuine supporters are people I’ve never even met in person.

They are the first ones to give me great feedback about my work.

They’ve shared how some of my articles have touched their hearts, and they feel less alone knowing that there’s someone out there who feels the same way they do. Many of my close friends and family, on the other hand, don’t even bother to read my work.

So, why is this? Why does this happen? And what gives? Why would complete strangers who have no idea who you are be so much more likely to help you and support your craziest dreams? And why would the people who you’d think would be the ones in your corner be so quick to shoot down your dreams?

In life, it’s very important to understand that the majority of people are selfish. Your friends may not openly support you because they usually don’t care about your goals if they can’t benefit from them.

You and your friends and family come from the same place, but the minute you start moving up or looking to improve your life in any way whatsoever, they take it personally. They know they’re not doing much themselves, which it bothers them. Many of them are stuck in difficult phases of their lives and expect you to  stay in the trenches with them. Otherwise, they say that you think you’re “better than they are” or “high and mighty.”

When your loved ones shoot down your dreams, they reveal their own insecurities.

Maybe, they had dreams of their own that they eventually gave up on. Therefore, instead of supporting you, they  simply observe and criticize your every move. They will condemn you when you fail but ask for a handout once you “make it.”

Be prepared to depend on yourself as your main source of support. Very few people will support you in the beginning because you have yet to prove yourself worthy of supporting. However, use those others’ critiques and unsupportive attitudes as motivation to prove them all wrong. Don’t worry too much if your family and friends don’t support you. Just keep on doing you because there is never anything wrong with wanting to improve your life

When you are working on your future and face criticism, it is important to t filter out your fake friends and reflect on the quality versus the quantity of your friendships. You will come to find that your true friends are the ones who support you 100% and learn that everyone else should just be acquaintances.

Even if you face criticism for your choices, never stop hustling and working towards your dreams. If friends and strangers see you building your best life, you may inspire them to do the same. You will be surprised how many people will tell you that they admire your courage to step out and take the risk of chasing your dreams.

At the end of the day, build your best life for you and you alone.

Photo by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash


  1. Its because they have preconceived notions of who you are and what you can accomplish. For me I want to pursue the efforts of global poverty, and devote myself to the poorest of the poor. I study everything I can get my hands on and this path will give me much joy. I want to devote my life to uplifting the most destitute. Strangers are willing to support my ambition. My dad? Not so much. I have been told how I will fail, how I am disillusioned, how this isn’t practical. etc.


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