7 Popular Myths About Sex Toys Debunked

Sex toys are a heaven sent! Yet, despite being so common in today’s culture (let’s be real, nearly every young woman has one), there are still a lot of myths surrounding them. No one wants to have a candid conversation about sex toys, their care, which ones are the safest and all the other secretive myths. However, such conversations are important. 

So I’m here to get real with you because you need to know the truth behind these popular sex toy myths. 

1. Sex toys can decrease sensitivity.

I understand why it’s so common, but it’s simply not true — your body just becomes used to how the toy gets you off. The sensation will always be there whether you’re getting stimulated by a finger or sex toy. In fact, most women need a little extra help to orgasm and sex toys are a great way to acheive it. 

2. Waterproof means waterproof.

There are so many sex toys that are deemed waterproof. Their advertising may even show that you can use them in the tub while having a bath. How sexy! But the sad reality is that they are not, especially if they’re powered by batteries. The second water goes near the batteries the toy breaks and you’ll have to buy a new one. They may be able to get slightly wet (pun intended) but shouldn’t be submerged under water.

3. Sex toys are just for single women.

Wrong! There are plenty of sex toys for men too. The most common are cock rings (which are great for both parties during sex) and pocket pussys (aka a flesh light). But you can still use a vibrator on a guy (you don’t have to insert it). And no, not all sex toy users are single — tons of couples are now using them together.

4. Couples who use sex toys are desperate to keep their flame alive.

Wrong again! These days, more couples use sex toys as a way to explore their sexuality and enhance their overall sexual experience. Yes, they may be used as a way to spice things up but that’s not their only use. Using sex toys is a great way to strengthen your sexual bond and create great pleasure. Personally, I highly recommend them!

5. Butt plugs are only for people who enjoy anal sex.

While a lot of people who wear butt plugs would argue that this is true, that isn’t the only reason. Butt plugs are also great for preparing an anus for anal sex as they help it expand. Bum sex virgins often use these as a slow, gradual tool to prepare themselves for their first time, and it’s said to be very effective. And while we’re on the topic — no, they aren’t always huge, they can be tiny too.

6. Realistic dildos and vibrators feel the best.

A lot of women claim that the realer the vibrator or dildo looks the better it feels. However, the only thing they help you with is to get into the mood more mentally. In fact, they are actually very bad for your vaginal health. Unfortunately, the material most of them are made of is prone to trapping bacteria, thus making it easier for you to get infections — regardless of how much you clean it. 

7. Buying sex toys is shameful.

This is totally not true. Buying sex toys should be normalized and supported! It’s actually empowering for someone to buy sex toys. It shows that you value your pleasure, are experimental and fun, and enjoy sex! There is nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, I would even call you brave and one hell of a sexual partner. 

Yes, buying sex toys can be a tad embarrassing at times. It also takes some bravery in order to go to a sex shop. But with the world of online shopping, you can order and have them delivered discreetly with no issues at all! Time to explore!

Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash


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