The Fade App Gone Wrong: Only Used For Seeing Nude Pictures Posted By People On Campus

So we have probably all noticed social media apps geared towards colleges have been on the rise. We all love Yik Yak, then there is Wigo, and now Fade. Personally I love these apps for their ability to distract me from homework, but Fade makes me question society a little.

Basically the Fade app is a collection of pictures posted by people on your campus. You can use your identity or make up one and you also get one anonymous post each day. The picture remains on the app for 24 hours and the time goes up and down from there depending on the up or down votes it gets. If it gets a ton of ups then it goes in the “Hall of Fades” which everyone can see from campuses around the country.

When I first heard about the app I thought it would be like a place to post funny shit you see on campus, like Yik Yak but pictures. Sounded great, but turns out people had a different idea what the app should be used for. Nudes.

Yup, that’s right. Girls (and some guys that tend to “fade away” quickly) have been posting nudes anonymously for all of campus to see. Does society not see how wrong this is? These girls’ boobs, booty, and vaginas are being seen by EVERYONE on campus with the app. That means girls, guys, the creeps of campus, your crush, your RA, potentially even professors get to see it all. I get sharing a sexy pic with your FWB, but all of campus seems a little much.

I understand that your dirty pic is not going to last forever and that it’s anonymous, but I can’t understand why those factors make girls thing it’s okay to post these pictures. It shows a lack of self respect. Our generation is already so sexualized, so this seemingly harmless app just ended up being another way to promote it.

To make things worse there is a comment feature where others can write about the picture. Guys rate girls bodies and leave ridiculous comments about what they would like to do to her body. This app is creating a new hybrid of sexual harassment and cyber bullying! I have seen both girls and guys arguing that there is nothing wrong with these posts, but I don’t see how we can consider this explosion of over sexualization and harassment from one little app just something to shrug off!

I have seen many girls saying they love their bodies and there’s nothing wrong with being proud and posting a pic. I am a strong believer that everyone should love their body; it’s just that posting this anonymous nude doesn’t show that, it shows the exact opposite. Girls are seeking attention in the worse way possible. We all like to show off a little but that’s should be something saved for a few lucky people to see, not everyone. Nudes leave nothing for the imagination, and it’s just flat out not classy.

When I first downloaded Fade I was looking forward to it being a fun app for all of campus to enjoy, but I never guessed these nudes would be the way my peers would choose to “enjoy” it. I am tired of seeing naked ladies every time I open the app. There is really nothing positive about this kind of self-expression. It shows a disappointing lack of self-respect within us girls, and needs to end. We are all strong women, and I hope that girls will start realizing that posting nudes to a silly app is never going to help us get this point across to the guys on campus and society as a whole.


  1. “I understand that your dirty pic is not going to last forever”
    except that it certainly will. Nothing stays longer on the internet than porn.
    At least one person is gonna save the picture/screenshot and repost it on an other website on the internet.

    “Molly aspires to be as Kesha-esque as possible”
    maybe you don’t.

  2. Love this article! I’ve heard of nudes being sent for money over snapchat too now that you can “securely” send money to people over the app. It’s all getting on my nerves


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