#InstaDON’T: 6 Posts That Make You Cringe

Everybody loves Instagram. It is a fast, easy, and fun way to share anything and everything with your friends. But some girls abuse this power. Do you ever see posts and think, “WHY DID SHE POST THAT??” Well, yeah, we do too. If you have ever uploaded any of these six posts to your Instagram, don’t be surprised if you lost a few followers.

1. The Quote: (Insert some deep quote presented in an artsy way that girl found on the internet five minutes before posting but had never seen prior). Does she even know who Maya Angelou is?  The caption usually reads: #quotestoliveby. OH REALLY?! Do you actually eat, sleep, and breathe this quote?? Tell me more.

2. #MCM: Then there is the ever so famous “Man Crush Monday.” These are cute the first time. Then there are the girls that take it to a whole new level and instead of just “Man Crush Monday” they put “Man Crush Everyday.” But this just doesn’t make sense. YOU ARE ALREADY DATING. WE KNOW YOU CRUSH ON HIM EVERYDAY. YOU ARE HIS GIRLFRIEND. Maybe they do this because they want other girls to know he is taken… but honey, other girls just feel bad for him. I know we do. We do not have the power to stop Mondays from happening, but we do have the power to stop #MCM from happening. #TeamStopMCM2015

3. Sunday Serenity: Here is where we have girls on Sunday that post their #cleaneating food with coffee (most likely Starbucks, duh) and a book that is open. 1) Are you really reading the book? 2)You can’t fool us, we know you don’t eat healthy and will probably get Chick-Fil-A tonight. 3) We don’t care. What we are really wondering is how much time it took to set up all of your things in such a visually appealing manner? 

clean eating

4. #Hashtag: #Iwantlikes #Instafollow #Instagood #Follow4Follow #STOP #PLZSTOP

One or two hashtags will do the job. But when your hashtags are longer than the caption you really should rethink before hitting the “Share” button. Especially when you get towards the end and the hashtags are no longer relevant. And whatever you do, do not comment on your own picture right after you post it and add another hashtag. Go with your gut, once it’s up, it’s up.

5. The gym selfie: #fitfam or #fitYOUAREANNOYING??? If you go to the gym regularly and have a hot bod you are proud of and you want to show people how far you have come, power to ya. But if you are the girl that goes to the gym once a week for thirty minutes…it is better to leave with no post. If your motivation for posting this photo is to show people that you do (sometimes, but not really) go to the gym, just don’t tell us. If you are lazy, be proud.

gym selfie

6. Sorry I look terrible: BUT YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL. You are just saying it because you want people to comment and be all, “No! You are so pretty!!!!!” Girl, if you do not have makeup on or are not very photogenic in that particular shot, own it. Be proud of your pictures and do NOT post something to seek the approval or compliment of others. We will hate you if you look pretty but say something about how you don’t.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.36.30 PM

Instagram is all about expressing yourself, but please, do not make us cringe while you do it. Be creative, not cliché. Keep our timeline interesting. We know how important your follower to following ratio is as every keeps a close eye on it, so don’t ruin it! #instaDO keep this in mind. Make our newfeeds something to enjoy, not something to roll our eyes at.

Featured Image Via Tumblr


  1. My number one irk on insta is people doing gym selfies…..are you really working out if you have time to take a selfie? Please refrain.


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