6 Places You Need To Visit While You’re Still Young And Free

I think it’s important to experience as much as you can when you’re young. You aren’t tied down yet, and what I mean is you’re probably not married with kids. This is your chance to do what you want when you want. Your bank account may be hurting, but I doubt you have a lot of bills to pay yet. Maybe you’re just paying off your student loans, or some debt because you bought those shoes. Forget it! I mean… pay it off eventually, but have some fun first.

Get your suitcase and check out these places before you’re 30.

1. Tofino, Canada

This had to be on the list, and of course my number one. I have personally been here myself, and people from all over the world move to Tofino. It is the most carefree spot to visit. It’s the Australia of Canada. My boyfriend’s sister lives here and you know how she and her friends get around? Ride their bikes. It’s the most beautiful place in the world and the most laid back town. You can always rent a car or van from Globe Car for your Canadian excursion.

2. New York, United States

Who would I be if this didn’t make the list? I can’t imagine going here after I am 30. I think to fully enjoy the experience we should go when we are young to enjoy the nightlife. Also, the shopping, great food, and the romance of the city.

3. Montreal, Canada

You should visit this city when you can still eat fries, cheese, and gravy without it going to your hips. If you’re not too concerned with money, you can blow it easily on fashion and art. The gallery’s in Montreal are amazing.  I think it’s a great city to check out with your friends, when I went there was always something that was happening. If you want to sleep and relax, this is not the city for you!

4. Tokyo, Japan

If you like the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll love Tokyo. There is always something happening, and I’ve heard it’s hard to cross the streets because there are so many people. If you go to Tokyo, bring your singing voice because karaoke is popular. You can sing your heart out, and not care because you don’t know anyone! I have to say, my favorite thing about this city, are the cherry blossoms. Hint: Make sure to bring your camera. It may even be fun to learn the language before you go. A lot of my friends have been to Japan, and they fell in love with it.  

5. Cancun, Mexico

This is on the list because it’s perfect for spring break. I mean, you won’t enjoy it when you have a family because you’ll see a bunch of twenty-year old’s partying their faces off. So, enjoy it now. Just pack swim suits, dresses (or shorts), and flip-flops. You’re set.

6. Las Vegas, United States

Everyone goes to Vegas. But, in your roaring twenties, it’s the best of times. Plan your next birthday here, and party until the sun comes up and goes down. Go to a show, shop, play blackjack and win some cash!

It’s so important to go visit the world in your twenties. The vacations you take now will be different when you’re older and settled down. Go visit the places you want to explore and meet new people when you have the chance. I promise it will be an amazing time.You can travel on a tight budget, all it takes is some research!

Did I forget a place you think you should visit before you’re 30? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image via Agung Pratama on Pexels


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