Why Making Friends Via The Internet Is The New Normal

If you were born between, let’s say, 1985-1999, you’ve probably heard these words: “Don’t talk to strangers on the...

I Did A Week-Long Social Media Detox And You Should Too

Wow, am I ever addicted to my accounts on social media! Not only is my phone constantly within reach,...

The 12 Days Of Feministmas Is Here To End The Year With Cheer

When I read the 'Twelve Days of #Feministmas' my initial reaction was to laugh and inwardly praise whichever creative...

Why You And Your Friends Should Take ‘The Sauce Challenge’ Today

About a year ago, 24-year-old Harrison Mariano, a.k.a  Harris M. Sauce, started the “Sauce Challenge.” He started the challenge...

How Snapchat Doesn’t Have Us Chatting With Each Other At All

But I don't know / How to connect, so I disconnect / I disconnect Nina Persson from The Cardigans...

6 Surprising Things Social Media Teaches You About Love

  Social media has, whether we like it or not, changed our lives. We are consumed by a digital pattern...

Backstreet’s Back… For A Brand New Album And World Tour!

As if this week wasn't already exciting enough with news of popular 90's girl group the Spice Girls going...

#IKeptLiving: How Hashtags Are Raising Suicide Awareness

“More than 800,000 people die by suicide around the world every single year. The numbers are hard to fathom,...

Here’s Everything Coming To Netflix This October

It's hard to believe that September is almost over, but we've got you covered for your October Netflix queue. There...

Still No Dislike: 10 Reactions Facebook Is Missing In Their Update

Facebook just revealed five more reactions you can click to show your emotions for a post. You are now...

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