Why A Serious Relationship Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Enjoy College

I’m nineteen and in love. There, I said it, so go ahead and make your judgments. I’m too young, I shouldn’t be tying myself down right now. I should be out exploring and learning who I am. I know who I am, and am still my own person. I can explore, on my own and with a partner. I’m not tied down. I’m free and happier than ever. That should not be the general response when I say I’m in a relationship; I shouldn’t be asked why.

I’m a sophomore in college dating a junior and it’s not just a fling like most would think at this age. We made certain of that. Neither of us were into the hook up culture, we didn’t want to hang out meaninglessly, we didn’t want to just mess around. I told him I didn’t want a fling and his response was neither did he, he wanted a future. And that’s what we have, a wide open future.

Love is not measured in ages or time, or anything really. We fell in love fast, I’ll admit it myself, but that doesn’t matter because months later we’re both still here. Nothing has changed except that we’ve gotten stronger.

The only thing love can be measured in is moments. To me, it’s moments of being content. When I can lay next to him binge watching tv all day or sit next to him in the car for three hours and not wish to be anywhere else on the planet. I’m content, then and there. I could sit there for the rest of my life with him, and not even speak, and be blissfully happy. That to me is love.

It is also moments of discontent. I can tell who I’m supposed to be with when I’m away from him and there is a physical ache in my chest from missing him. I have the urge and almost need to see him. It’s a terrible feeling but it is also the most beautiful feeling to be able to love someone so much that you feel that way.

I’m young, and some may say I don’t know what I’m doing but I think I do. I’m not jumping into anything, rushing, or ruining my life by being in a serious relationship in college. I’m happy. Happier than I’ve ever been. Don’t discount my college relationship. It isn’t stupid and going nowhere. We talk about our future, we discuss different opinions of life choices. Sometimes it’s chalked up to the fact that we don’t have to make that decision yet so we can wait, but that’s okay. We have many years left of college and grad school so we don’t need to decide what town we will live in right this moment. But I do know we will figure it out together, and do whatever it takes for the other to be happy. That’s what love is.

Just because you’re thirty and dating someone doesn’t mean your love is more real, or better. Just because you’re fourty-five and married also doesn’t mean you’re happy. Age is just a number. A number that shows how many years you’ve been on this planet. That is all it shows. Love is love. Only you can tell what another person means to you. You are the only one that knows your own emotions. It is up to you to decide what is best for you but I personally know I can make these decisions now to commit to another person. I am at a place in my life where I am okay with that decision. It shouldn’t concern you how old I am, that’s up to me to decide. It is frankly, none of your business.

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