You Need To Check Out The Zelda Williams’ Disney Villain Thread

Zelda Williams took to Twitter to blow up some of our favorite Disney bad’s with her own thoughts, theories, and well, 240 characters worth of pretty fun storytelling in my opinion.

I for one, love a good villain too.

No, it doesn’t mean I agree with them, their way of doing things, or what they’ll do to achieve their goals. Truth is, I love to analyze characters, and villains often have more depth to them than other characters.

I do think of popular heroes and while I aspire to be brave, helpful, or even accept that I would put myself in harm’s way to save another, sometimes those are all that unites me to a hero.

I understand the world, is not black and white. There is gray in everything and when a hero lacks the ability to see this, or understand this—it only serves to make me see that they believe everything must be good, become good, and there is no room for anything else.

That’s the issue though, you cannot have the good without bad. I mean, duh, how else did we even get heroes after all?

Sometimes, I see why our villains in Disney movies might come to be evil, bad, or do the crazy stuff they do, even if I don’t agree with them. Which is part of the fun of Zelda’s thread; she showcases the villains views and why they felt justified in their actions. Sometimes the villain in their story, is the good guy.

How different would things be, how different would we feel, if we saw the story from their perspective rather than the heroes?

I know the world is grayer than a hero would like to believe. But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t join the hero in fighting to take down some of our favorite Disney villains. Plus, Zelda shares some important truths regarding our princesses especially!

So, needless to say, Zelda Williams’ Twitter thoughts on Disney Villain’s is an absolute blast to read and think about. She brings to light a lot of issues we might have not seen as children, and while these movies will never leave our hearts, I love learning new things I might have not seen before. Don’t get me wrong, I still dislike a few of our baddies, cause there’s a big difference for me personally, between bad and fundamentally evil.

Have her posts made you reconsider your stance on these villains/heroes? Maybe it has opened your mind to let you perceive things differently (even if you still don’t agree with them)? Did some of her thoughts make sense to you, causing you to wonder how we didn’t see this side of things before?

What did you find most interesting and or like from her posts? Let me know!

Featured image via Oliver Ayala / CC BY


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