This New Teleport App Makes Moving 100 Times Easier

Have you been dreaming of moving to a far away land to avoid the high rent in the city you live in? Maybe you just want to be somewhere where all of the schools around are A+? Well, your dreams (and maybe your struggles), just got a heck of a lot easier with Teleport.

Teleport is a free web app that lets you compare salaries, living costs, quality of life and a wack of other aspects worldwide. You can also choose from a slew of personal preferences in a wide variety of life quality categories, which helps the app determine what is really important to you! At the end of it all, they will give you a match score to help you decide what city is best for you! Best part of it all? They have a feature called Teleport Zen which is a pre-filled and personalized checklist/moving guide to help you truly happy through one of the world’s worst processes.

The easiest way to get started with the app is heading to the website and linking it up to your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts. You can also link it to your email account if that’s your preference. The entire process takes less then two minutes, and before you know it, a TON of realistic options will be on your screen.

I was hella curious so I had to try it out for myself. I was gleefully excited to see that my top match was Munich, which also happened to be my favorite city that I visited on my Europe trip. Must be because I love my bike too much to move to a place that won’t let me bike around freely!

Where would you move?

Featured image via Alex Mecl on Unsplash


  1. bien sûr, je partage@Choupinou: oh l'autre hé, z'y va, comment tu te la ra@entes!!cAnonymo: ravie de vous voir par ici!!@Eric: on fait aller… Merci!! Après une semaine de résistance en mode "je suis la plus forte, c'est pas un pauvre virus qui aura ma peau", j'ai finalement cédé et suis allée chez le doc, qui m'a collé une ordonnance longue de 20 pages et là ça va mieux…


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