6 Safe Activities To Celebrate National Girl’s Night Out

Who’s longing to meet with friends after a long period of isolation? I definitely am… and my friends are as well. Fear not! Today is September 22, National Girl’s Night Out — the perfect day to meet with friends. Although a pandemic is raging on, we can still spend time with our besties while abiding by social distancing rules. Coordinating meetings may be difficult as everyone is working from home, but don’t worry — we’re all in this together! 

Here are six activities we can do to honor National Girl’s Night Out: 

1. The typical: Book dinner at a fancy restaurant.

We all want to treat ourselves with a fantastic dinner after a long day of work. There is no better way to do that other than dining at a restaurant. For starters, the first step is to always discuss yours and your friends’ favorite food options. After keeping track of their preferences, surf around the web, and look for the best restaurants near everyone’s areas. As soon as you find the perfect ‘pick,’ be sure to inform your besties and book that reservation!

2. For the adventure-seekers: Go on a hike.

Being confined in one place and seeing streetcars around you is exhausting for a month — let alone a year. However, for your special girl’s night celebration, you can break your habit of exploring places near your house. If you want to explore nature, why not ask your friends to come along and join you? Not only will you traverse into the deep, mysterious forest but you’ll also get to experience that moment with others.

3. For my stay-at-home gals: Have a ‘Zoom’ music night!

Okay, I get that we use Zoom (or Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts) for our tedious, weekly meetings, but the application can be utilized throughout desperate times. Not only do they help us keep track of our work, but they also allow us to foster our friendships in unique ways. Hence, why not use Zoom for a fun and safe, stay-at-home event? If you’re looking to host a music night, just schedule a new meeting, send the invite link, and take turns to blast and dance to the songs!

4. For my photography-lovers: Go on a fun photo walk around the city!

Disclaimer: Make sure to do this activity after rush hours in the evening.

Meeting with friends around the city is amusing for exploring many fun places! Throughout the photo walk, be sure to bring a mask and hand sanitizer. Since you’re in a crowded area, remember to sanitize your hands constantly while staying six-feet apart from everyone else. Nonetheless, continue taking photos of the sceneries that you enjoy. 

5. More stay-at-home fun: Have a mini-game night with prizes!

Disclaimer: Make sure you sanitize your home before your friends arrive and after they leave. Also, be sure to keep track of how many are coming.

Are you thinking of inviting your friends over? Well, if you are, remember to always follow public health rules. Before your friends arrive, be clear about the boundaries and restrictions. Explain to them that high-contact areas, such as the washroom, should be minimally used. Once when they arrive, continue to maintain social-distancing measures when playing fun, video games. Yes, you can laugh with each other, but it’s better to do it safely. 

6. For the story-tellers: Go to a place an hour away and tell a bizarre story.

If you have friends who love to drive and explore areas away from the city, the best solution is to vote on a destination and plan a short trip. Once when you arrive, grab some coffee and be ready to share a bizarre story that occurred during the quarantine. Tell your friends to do the same and be sure to laugh and enjoy the experience.

Although girl’s night out may look different this year than previous years, you can still make memories with your friends. In fact, you can probably do it in more unique ways virtually and physically. Now, for those who miss their friends: Grab a phone and text your closest companions. Reserve and start planning for the next event before anything overwhelming occurs. Even if you can’t make it in time for this year’s National Girl’s Night Out, you can always plan your own next month.

Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash


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