4 Texts You Should Send Him That’ll Completely Turn Him On

There is such a lack of discussion when it comes to sexting with actual words rather than pictures or videos. Believe it or not, I prefer dirty talking than receiving a pic, because it gives you a peek into the other persons dirty mind and can give you ideas.

The best part about sexting is that you can use it to your advantage. You get a man interested, you can tease him and then cut him off randomly so the sexual tension burns and you can be coy with your words. It’s so much fun how much control you can get!

But it gets so boring and overdone. There’s only so many “mmm, come here so we can fuck,” type of messages you can take. So I created a list of different sexts to use to actually initiate more than just receiving a picture.

1. “I’ll show you who’s boss ;)”

If you find yourselves in a playful conversation about taking charge, take charge and tell your partner that you’re going to call all the shots tonight. Their curious mind will wander around, thinking of all the ways you could prove it in the bedroom, so when you see them later that night they will be expecting you to be the dominant one for once.

2. “Let’s play a game… We’ll see who the sore loser is.”

Create a friendly and sexy competition. The winner will get to be the recipient of something so good that they will feel so sore after. It could be a lap dance, oral pleasure, or doing the position of their choosing.

3. “I don’t think you want to miss my climax, so come before it’s too late ;)”

If you decide to tease your lover, start off by telling them you’re masturbating. You don’t have to be, but that often gets them wild, specifically when they are on their way over or about to leave.

Send them this text as you know they’re on the way over and just wait for them to bust through that door and bust a nut.

4. “I’m not ready to share you yet.”

If your partner is interested in a threesome and you have been toying with the idea, don’t be afraid to mark your territory before you let someone else in. While you’re texting about adding a third to your special time, don’t be afraid to send this and follow it up with another sexy text of what you want to do with them before someone else comes in.

Like I mentioned above, sexting can cause quite the different reactions than normal and doesn’t always have to be a word for word detail of what you want or are going to do to them.

Teasing is so much more fun and will encourage a better love making session than normal.

Feature image via ANDRIK LANGFIELD PETRIDES on Unsplash


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