10 Things Better Than Being In Love In Your 20s

F*ck love, give me diamonds! JK (kind of...)

Navigating the world of love is painful enough in your twenties, and Valentine’s Days having come and gone doesn’t make things any easier. Sometimes we get a little too wrapped up in our failed or future romances, unable to see the value in our everyday lives. Contrary to popular belief, the only person you truly need to prioritize in your life is yourself. Sure, having a significant other adds some zest to your routine, but placing too much emphasis on the absence of one person is both unhealthy and unnecessary. Sometimes, through the monotony of everyday life, the beautiful little things fall to the wayside. The following reminders are designed to illuminate the best parts of your life that are already present:

1. Family

Being in good company can be the most nourishing form of therapy. Your family will be your biggest cheer squad, your moral pillars, and your driving forces. Every member of your family can offer you something different; they serve as both blessings and lessons. Surrounding yourself with those who uplift and cultivate your best self are the ones to keep around. 

2. Friends

Legitimately good people are far and few between, so if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon some, be sure to show them some. The term “friendship” is used fairly loosely, but genuine friends-the ones who bring you soup when you’re sick and dance in the rain with you when things are hunky-dory – are the permanent type. Friendship is something so exceptional; it is something to be appreciated through the good, the bad, and the ugly. The best part? Being a good friend in turn attracts similar types.

3. A Favorite Pastime


Keeping our young, malleable minds busy is oftentimes the greatest diversion from any ailment-even loneliness. Exercise, cooking, reading, and partaking in social events are all positive reinforcements to consider if you feel like you’re lacking something. Even hobbies from your past (yes, I’m speaking to the little ballerina you’ve still got inside) can be a positive way to channel uneasiness in the world of romance.

4. Self-Love

giphyThe reason the saying “nobody can love you until you love yourself” exists is because it is true. Until you feel complete, at peace, and comfortable with yourself from the inside out, how can you expect another human to? The best way to practice self-love is to believe it. Find activities you love, and throw yourself into them. Surround yourself with those who admire you. Eventually, you will come to believe in your worth, believe in your craft, and believe you are valuable.

5. Laughter

giphy By far the most satisfying pain is derived from laughter. Not many feelings top the natural high that comes from sweet, satisfying laughter. Sure, genuinely comical people can make you laugh, but you don’t need a physical specimen to get the giggles going. Turning on a really funny movie (Animal House, anyone?) is just one teeny way to get the funny juices flowing.

6. Travel

giphyfedssfssdsdaWanderlust is arguably the very best form of lust, and traveling provides the satisfaction you crave. Exploring the world, even if it’s just a nearby city, can truly alter your life. Broadening your horizons and literally leaving the comfort of wherever your home is can prove to be an unbelievably enriching experience. The cure to any ailment is only a plane ride away!

7. Music

giphyhhhhhThe reason Bob Marley said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” is because it’s true. Whether you’re alone doing chores or raging with some of your favorite people, there is nothing better than jamming out to your favorite tunes. Music has healing, uplifting, and nourishing powers that simply cannot be trumped. Next time you’re afflicted with a case of the blues, turn on some blues.

8. Food

giphy Food is not only essential for our existence, but vital for our sanity as well. Anything in excess is obviously not great for you, but you definitely need to treat yo’ self from time to time. Chinese takeout, anyone? Also, on the plus side, leftovers usually last longer than a lover. *(cue laughter reel in the background).*

9. Pets

giphy There is nothing quite like a pet. They’re loyal, they don’t talk back, and they’re always there to lend an ear-even if we force them to. Their cuddles are fluffier than human ones, and they don’t demand diamonds or five-star meals. They provide unconditional love and won’t leave you high and dry the morning after. Doesn’t dropping by the humane society sound appealing right meow?

10. Relaxation

giphyPeace of mind is of the utmost importance, especially when you’re trying to maneuver through your early twenties. Everything from yoga to sleep provide the type of relaxation that not only brings you rest, but eases both your body and mind. Being lonely isn’t healthy, but being alone and realizing how healing it can be definitely is. Now, hop in the bubble bath and take a load off!

It is no secret that having a lover is delightful, but it is certainly not the end-all-be-all, especially in your twenties. If you’re single at the moment, please do not fret. Life has so many beautiful and bountiful qualities, and when the time is right, someone will wander into yours to share it with you. In the meantime, trust the universe, turn on an episode of Family Guy, and enjoy the most valuable person in your life – you.

Featured image via Juan Vargas on Pexels


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