You’ll Be Instantly Obsessed With Bey & Coldplay’s Hymn For The Weekend Music Video

Is it the ultimate music week or what?

Stop what you’re doing and watch Coldplay & Beyonce’s new music video for Hymn For The Weekend. While the song dropped last month, the music video is definitely going to get you obsessed. It’s one that will get you up and moving this weekend during your pregame. If this is a preview of what is to come for the SuperBowl halftime show next Sunday, I AM HYPED.

“Drink from me, drink from me
Then we’ll shoot across the sky”

You better believe that I’ll be drinking to this song this weekend. I’m already up on Cloud 9 from watching the music video. All the culture, Chris Martin AND Beyonce – this feels like heaven.

There’s also a price to pay for the video. Backlash has already appeared in the media regarding the newest music video dropped. Shot in India, and showcasing India’s Holi Festival, we have Queen B dressed as a Bollywood princess. Cultural appropriation much? Look, I get it – Beyonce is Queen but that does not give her or Coldplay an excuse to appropriate a culture and profit from it. You better believe that this is the case – the video was released two hours ago and already has close to 500,000 views.


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