7 Things Girls Who Don’t Care About Popularity Can Relate To

Whether you want to label yourself as uncool or someone who just doesn’t care about popularity or trends, we can all collectively agree that we definitely have a different way of thinking and doing things. Your uniqueness is specific to you but certainly isn’t limited to being like other girls with your mentality too.

You Don’t Understand Why People Want to Not Have Status’ Let Undefined

Why the heck would anyone be in a situation where your heart is on the line and you don’t even have a title for what you are doing? It just doesn’t make sense! It’s a turn off and only makes you want to love yourself more.

You Don’t Care About Texting All That Much

If you respond, you respond. You know when it’s important to text back quickly when it’s urgent or trying to make plans, but otherwise, what’s the point? Sometimes it feels like life would be easier without a phone.

If You Have An Opinion, You’ll Say It

Even if it’s a bold opinion, you still voice it but in a nicer way than the average person. “Whatever” or “nothing” are not words in your vocabulary very often, and being opinionated is something you’ll never be.

Making Plans With Large Groups Of People Annoys You To No End

We can take the lead in making plans but when people can’t give answers or make things difficult it makes you want to claw your eyes out with frustration. And you always know that more people means more problems, and you have no tolerance for that.

Some People Don’t Take Kindly to Your IDGAF Attitude

You don’t try to pretend to do anything or be anyone, you do what you do but some people don’t buy the honesty your selling, which can be quite frustrating. But again, you really don’t care because you’re going to do what you want in the long run.

Despite the Vibe You Try to Give Off Sometimes, You Really Do Care What People Think

Some people may call you weird or non-traditional and think that you generally don’t have much of a thought or care as to what people think of you. However, you really do care about everything from how people view you to your work ethic.

You’ll Never Pretend to be A Cool Girl

It might seem easier to do at times if you faked it, but it’s something you’ll never do. If you want to order a burger on a first date, you will and you’ll have no shame about it. And you don’t let the fear of being yourself keep you from doing things either. Take it or leave it, this is how you are and how you’ll always be.

Having no qualms about who you are is what makes you the person you are today, and the fact that you feel no pressure by society to conform is a miracle. Keep being the beautiful, strong, confident and self-aware person you are, and please never change. We need more girls like you on this planet.


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