Namasté: 7 Amazing Yoga Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

Whether you practice yoga or not, there’s something extremely beautiful and impressive about seeing people do it. Not only is it an amazing workout (literally works every muscle of your body), but it’s also great for your mind and overall wellbeing. Anyone who knows me knows I’m slightly obsessed with it. #noshame

As a beginner yogi, I love stalking other yogis on Instagram. My jaw literally drops when I see what they can do and it inspires me to do work toward crazy contortions and handstands. (I’m still at the falling-over-every-3-seconds phase. Getting there). It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes, never stepped on a yoga mat or have been practicing for years, I can guarantee that these 7 yoga Instagram accounts will inspire and motivate you.

1. @yogabycandace


This account is one of my favorites because I love how down to earth Candace is. While she posts super cool vinyasa flows and handstand tricks, she also incorporates healthy living tips, giveaways and exotic yoga retreats. If you visit her blog, you can also find free yoga videos. Her voice is super calming, perfect for an at home yoga practice!

2. @sadienardini


Also featuring free workouts, Sadie Nardini is a yogi with a definite edgy style. Her Instagram highlights part of her yoga practice (which she does in awesome outfits, btw), but mostly shows her super cool jetset lifestyle. Warning: she may also inspire you to get a mohawk.

3. @acroyoga


Acroyoga is where acrobatics meets yoga, which will actually blow your mind. Follow this account just to be amazed, or post some of your own acroyoga and tag #acroyoga to get regrammed by them. If it’s the latter, I’m extremely impressed/jealous you can do acro yoga. Teach me your ways.

4. @bryceyoga


This husband and wife are not only parents, they’re incredible yogis. Besides showing off their killer skills, they also post pictures of their family/daily life. Besides following their account, check out this hauntingly beautiful video of Briohny doing arm balances. I won’t judge you if you watch it multiple times.

5. @beachyogagirl


Who doesn’t love the beach? This account features Kerri Verna doing incredible poses in breathtaking places. She’s literally surfer girl meets yogi with a great taste for athletic clothing. Join her 811K followers for yoga retreat opportunities and endless location ideas for your next tropical vacation.

6. @patbailey



Simply put, Pat is bad ass. She pairs yoga with poetry (the majority of her photos are captioned with original pieces), plus her editing skills result in funky Instas. While you’ll find her doing yoga in normal athletic clothing, sometimes she changes it up by wearing stilettos and cowboy boots. You go, girl.

7. @jared.fu

jared fu


At the corner of hip hop and yoga, you’ll find Jared Fu. This Canadian loves to show off his balancing skills which have an element of break dancing to them. He also includes motivational captions to further inspire you. Follow him for his yoga, awesome sneakers, and beautiful photography skills.

Yoga is called a practice purely due to the fact that it takes a long time to master. The fact that these yogis can do amazing poses and make it look easy is all the more impressive. Whether you want to be inspired for your own practice or just can appreciate these yogis’ graceful athleticism, give them a follow! Namasté.

All pictures were taken from original Instagram accounts.

Featured Image via Tumblr


  1. I followed a few of these! I love yoga and I love how refreshing it is! I love the people on here because they are down to earth! Yoga is definitely something everyone should try once. I personally love running and doing yoga. It’s a great balance!


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