12 Reasons You Should Celebrate Galentine’s Day Over Valentine’s Day

Finally! One of my favorite days of the year is here. A day full of love, appreciation, and chocolate. That’s right you ladies, IT’S GALENTINE’S DAY.

What is Galentine’s Day you might ask? It’s only the greatest day ever. This incredible holiday, celebrated today, February 13th, was invented by none other than the breathtaking, hardworking, waffle-loving Pegasus, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, from NBC’s Parks and Recreation. The purpose of this fabulous day is to send loads of love to your girls. Of course, we all give our squad mega love every day already, but today is a day where you can shower them in even more compliments, eat at least twice your weight in pizza, and drink a ridiculous amount of wine. So, instead of waiting for a boy to ask you out for Valentine’s Day, look at these 12 reasons of why you and your girlfriends should celebrate Galentine’s Day instead of dreading Valentine’s Day:

1. You get to make your best friends feel more loved than usual. 

They probably don’t hear how much you love them enough.

2. You can spend the day spoiling each other…and yourself.

TREAT YO’ SELF. Enough said.

3. Or daydream about the perfect boy to spend Valentine’s Day with.

“I just wish Ryan Reynolds would show up at my door with chocolate and a bottle of wine.”

4. Then realize that was dumb because you’re strong independent women.

You don’t need no man.

5. Or you could spend the day watching Rom-Coms and pigging out in sweatpants.

Let’s be honest, this is probably the best way to spend Galentine’s Day.

6. You could go out with your girls and get incredibly trashed…off friendship…and tequila.

“Okay just ONE more shot…”

7. Then threaten any boy who attempts to hit on your friends.

It’s called “Girls Night”, ever heard of it?

8. When your friends start to feel sad, you remind them you’re here for help.

“He’s not worth your time! That’s why we have each other.”

9. You can reminisce on all the hilarious memories you have together.

Obviously reminiscing by song is the best way.

10. You can shower your squad in even more compliments.

Because there’s no such thing as too many compliments.

11. You can thank your friends for putting up with your shit.

“Sorry I yelled at you for eating the last slice of pizza.”

12. Lastly, discuss the idiocy that is men.

Seriously, they can be SO dumb. Now that you have a full understanding of the greatest holiday to ever exist, you can spread love to your girlfriends in whatever way you want. So, round-up your squad, decide how you’re going to spend your day, and enjoy the best day of the year.

Featured image via Aline Viana Prado on Pexels


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