7 Brutally Honest Things You Should Always Tell Your Friends

Nobody likes being the bearer of bad news. But you owe it to your friends to tell it like it is. There are some things in life you just need to swallow and get over, but there are absolutely others that you simply cannot go without addressing. They’d most definitely rather know, and although it may be super uncomfortable at first, they’ll thank you later that you said something. Here are 7 things you should always tell your friends, even if it’s awkward:

1. You smell.

There’s way around this one without having to explicitly say “Hey dude, you reek!” Try offering up some of your purse-sized perfume or chat with them jokingly about the last time they showered. Most of the time as students, we pull all-nighters, sleep in, and totally miss out on a shower before our 9:30 class. You’ve been there, so don’t be too quick to judge your friends when they need some help in the scent department themselves.

2. Your boyfriend is an asshole.

You know your friends better than that loser they just met on Tinder. Don’t let them get too caught up in the arms of a guy who’s treating them poorly. Know the warning signs and when it’s right to intervene. Even if they refuse to end things, they’ll be extremely grateful that you brought whatever issues to their attention, so that they can give the relationship a chance to redeem itself.

3. Stop gossiping.

We all love to complain about our roommates and sometimes it’s for the mere pleasure of hearing our own voice. We may bitch about those around us constantly, but know when the time’s come to cut the chirps at the tongue and stop the constant negative language. Personally, I get fed up when I can’t have a laugh or a positive conversation with someone, and after multiple failed attempts at changing the subject, there comes a time when you gotta be up front and just call them out on it. Most people won’t even realize their perpetually bad vibes, and they’ll be sure to be more conscious of it next time you hang.

4. You need to focus on your grades.

Be the friend that can get rowdy on the weekends, but knows when it’s time to crack down and do school work. Don’t be afraid to encourage your friends to stay in and study when you know they’ve been struggling with their classes. Don’t forget that you’re in this crazy college thing together. Lean on each other and help each other out when you see someone’s head dipping underwater. You could be the motivating factor for someone’s future success, and that’s pretty darn cool.

5. You should slow down with your drinking.

If you’re friend is slinging back tequila shot after tequila shot on a bad day at the bar, it may be a good chance to let them know they need to slow down. As a friend, you should always be looking out for their best interest and remembering that you may not always be by their side. If they’re looking like they’re getting themselves in a sticky situation, show them you can still have a kick ass time without the excessive booze and puking. Yuck.

6. You’re overreacting.

If your friend is venting to you about an issue you completely cannot understand, it’s okay to reassure them that everything’s alright and they’re completely overthinking the situation. Be careful not to oppose their feelings or make them feel unvalidated, because that’s not your job. But, don’t be afraid to let them know when they’ve dug so deep into a matter that they’re driving themselves nuts!

7. That dress is not flattering.

One of the oldest rules in the gal-to-gal handbook. Always let your friends know honestly what you think when they ask you if you like what they’re wearing. They’re looking for your opinion and if you tell them they look great when you know they could wear something more suitable, they’re at risk of being self-conscious and uncomfortable later in the night when they realize they look like a total goof.

Be the honest friend. Be the blunt bff that lets you know when your ass looks huge in those jeans and when the guy you’re talking to treats your friends like trash. Your friends obviously value your opinion and it’s up to you to give them that fair opinion we all need on what we’re doing with our lives. Remember to stay kind, and courteous of their feelings, and use humor to your advantage. It’s a fine line between being mean and hurting your friend’s feelings and validating the truth. Don’t get caught up in a mess of insults and personal attacks, just make sure you have their best interest in mind, always.

Featured image via Asya Cusima on Pexels


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