Not Another Sexy Cat: 10 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Far From Basic

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and over-sized sweaters are starting to pop up everywhere, and with them come ghost signs, jack-o-lanterns, and black cat statues for Halloween. From current events to politics to Hollywood, this past year has provided us with some fantastic Halloween costume material. Here are ten relevant Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for groups and pairs.

1) Deflategate

Tom Brady

For some NFL humor, all you and your friends need are football jerseys, deflated footballs, and constant expressions of denial. Thank you for this idea, Mr. Brady.

2) Taylor Swift Through the Years


You and your girlfriends can pick a different Taylor to represent for Halloween. From “Teardrops on My Guitar” Taylor to “Bad Blood” Taylor, there are plenty of creative options since she has evolved so much as a dynamic musician over just a few years.

3) Amy Schumer from Trainwreck


With a yellow dress, heels, a messy ponytail, and a drink in a brown paper bag, you can be today’s most iconic comedian. Removing any and all filters from conversations during the night is encouraged.

4) President Kanye and First Lady Kim K


When Kanye announced during his 2015 MTV Video Music Awards speech that he was going to run for president, he gave millennials across the country the perfect Halloween costume plan. Make your own “Kanye for President” t-shirt, and bring a friend to get glammed-up as the would-be first lady, Kim Kardashian.

5) Drake vs. Meek Mill


These two rappers broke out in a Twitter war over the summer, so you can find your favorite tweets that flew between Meek and Drake and write them on two plain shirts. Be sure to start a rap battle at some point during the night with your previously designated rival.

6) Marty McFly


Since the year Marty traveled to in Back to the Future was 2015, commemorate his crazy journey ahead and back again with a Back to the Future themed costume. With a red puffer vest, a denim jacket, a teased, 80’s up-do, and a toy store steering wheel (we can use our imaginations since I doubt a DeLorean is readily available at your nearest car dealership) you’ll be ready to bring this 1985 classic to 2015.

7) Presidential Candidate

better hillary

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may be among the most recognizable figures in the media right now, so sport a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap and polo shirt or get decked out in your best pant-suit and sunglasses. Be ready for the paparazzi (ehem…Instagram opportunities) at all costs.

8) #TheDress


Remember that blue and black (or white and gold…wait, no, it’s blue and black now) dress that drove everyone on social media absolutely bonkers for a solid week? Wear a dress for Halloween that has either of #TheDress’ color combinations and tell people it’s actually blue and black…or white and gold.

9) Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad


For the ladies with a passion for makeup, go all-out with the infamous female clown Harley Quinn’s eccentric style. Suicide Squad is making its premier in August 2016, but the hype for this film is already tangible with big names like Cara Delevingne (Enchantress), Will Smith (Deadshot), and Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn). Superheroes are fun, but anti-heroes are better.

10) Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson from “Parks and Rec”


Parks and Recreation may have ended but you can keep the memory of the hilarious show alive with Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson-themed Halloween attire. For the Ron impersonator: don’t forget your mustache, your bottle of “moonshine,” and corduroy jacket. For the Leslie look-alike: you’ll be set with your American flag pin, an official Parks and Recreations binder, and the go-getter Pawnee attitude we all know and love. In the words of Ron Swanson: “Never half ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

Regardless of what you decide, have a blast dressing up as the ridiculous, fantastic pop culture references we’ve grown to appreciate. Take plenty of pictures with your friends, and enjoy dressing up in crazy costumes while we’re still young enough to get away with it. Who am I kidding, I’ll always dress up for Halloween.



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