10 Safe Ways To Throw A Fun Bachelorette Party During The Pandemic

bachelorette party

Were you asked to be the maid of honor for one of your close friends? Congratulations! Along with being a model guest and kickass assistant, one of your primary responsibilities is planning the bachelorette party. Planning the party in itself is difficult, so when you factor in COVID-19 restrictions, it’s even more challenging. These 10 bachelorette party ideas will inspire you and offer ways to celebrate the bride while staying mindful of the global pandemic.

If you’re hosting a virtual party:

1. Join an online DJ party

Check out D-Nice, Club quarantine, or Eventbrite. You’ll be able to find which online DJ event matches the big date of your bachelorette bash. Or try your hand and become a DJ yourself. Simply craft a customized playlist with every girl’s favorite tracks, dim the lights, grab some glow sticks, and hop on Zoom to dance all night! You can also turn it up a notch by getting some basic party supplies like these from Factorydirectparty. Put on a face mask, grab a flag and party like there is no tomorrow!

2.Try an escape room

Travel through time to different universes, or escape a virtual ‘cell’ with your crew all without leaving the house! Costs are typically per individual, with a few group rate options and even some free ones. From Harry Potter to Nancy Drew, you can find the perfect theme for your group and budget.

3. Host a murder mystery party

If your group loves mysteries, solving a murder is a great option for the bachelorette party. Assign each member a different character, read through the clues, and interrogate your guests, knowing one of them is the killer. If you receive a box with physical clues, ship them out to the other bridesmaids. That’ll also leave everyone with a souvenir from the night.

4. Try online party games

You don’t need to be in-person to play games like “Bridal Bingo,” “Jackbox Games,” and “Porn or Polish?” Online games like “Chips and Guac” on Houseparty and “Fibbage XL” on JackBox will have everyone laughing for hours. You can also write up trivia cards about the bride and groom to quiz the bridal party. For an extra kick, pair it with a list of truth or drink questions to leave everyone drunk on the floor!

5. Invite a mystery guest

Surprise all of your guests by inviting an unexpected guest or two throughout the evening. You could invite someone close to the bride, like her parents or even her fiancé. Or invite a psychic reader to give some fortunes, ask a raptor to Zoom bomb your call, or include a sommelier for a private wine tasting experience to wow the bridal party.

If you’re planning an in-person party:

1. Prioritize outdoor venues

Whenever possible, keep the party outside. If you go out to eat, verify that the restaurant has an outdoor patio. Take everyone to a secluded beach, hike through the state park, visit a winery with picnic tables, or host a bonfire at your place. You’ll need to keep a watchful eye on the weather, but staying outdoors will get everyone some fresh air while making it easier to social distance.

2. Play car games

Another way to keep people separate but still in person is to have everyone spend some time in their own cars. Plan a scavenger hunt that will take the bridal party to locations meaningful to the bride, and take pics at each stop! Or inspire some friendly competition by having everyone pair up to take part in a modified version of the Amazing Race.

3. Rent a party bus or limo

Limit the number of people you come in contact with by spending a night separated from others by riding in a limo or party bus. Enjoy a secluded evening traveling through the night while playing games, dancing, and of course drinking! The best part is that you already have a designated driver, so everyone will be able to take part in the fun.

4. Sail across open waters

Take a private trip to a river or lake with your party. Feel the wedding worries fly away in the breeze as you all enjoy the seas and sunshine. To help stay within budget, find a smaller boat, and have a guest list on the shorter side. 

5. Bring party personnel to you

Skip the bar, and bring the bartender to you! Hire a sommelier or bartender to spend the evening with you and your guests for a more intimate and personalized experience. Or, if you’re looking for something less expensive, buy the booze with your fellow bridesmaids, and embark on a cocktail-making or wine-tasting adventure of your own.

While COVID-19 takes away the traditional plan of hitting the bars as a bachelorette party option, these virtual and in-person alternatives prove you can still plan the perfect party for the bride and the entire bridal party!

Photo by Fernanda Prado on Unsplash


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