12 Parks And Rec Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Adulthood

Sadly, Parks and Recreation recently completed its last season (I know, I’m not over it either). If you’re not quite ready to let go just yet, don’t worry – you’re not alone. And if you’re ever feeling confused about this lovely world of adulthood you find yourself in, take a moment to appreciate these bits of wisdom from our friends over at the Pawnee Parks and Rec Department (and then go binge-watch it on Netflix. Because things are hard and Netflix rocks).

1. april

More specifically, I want to do things that are called Netflix. Oh, and all those naps I used to refuse? I’ll take them now, please and thank you.

2. morefoodfewerpeople

Remember when spending time at an overcrowded house party/frat party sounded like a good time? Yeah, those days are long gone. Nowadays, lots of food and not lots of people sounds exactly like the best way to spend the night.

3.  lifeispointless

Some days, you’re on top of the world. Others days, it seems like nothing you do has any importance, and you question everything about what you’re doing with your life. And also you maybe haven’t had enough coffee (but that could just be a coincidence).

4. waffles

It’s easy to let work take over your life. Especially when you’re just starting out in a career (or trying to, at any rate), it isn’t too difficult to become all-consumed and feel like you always need to be working. Because when it comes down to it, work is not the most important part of life. The people you love are the most important (or maybe it’s the waffles. You choose).

5. “I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry tonight, and I’ve already broken that promise five times. But I will not break it a sixth” -Chris Traeger


Being an adult gets overwhelming when you’re supposed to know what taxes are and pay bills and go to work so you can pay your bills and do your taxes…oh and also how do you make friends when you’re no longer surrounded by the seemingly limitless friend pool that is college (seriously, if someone has the answer to this question, let me know)??  Sometimes, you just need a good cry…or six.

6.  onetothree

You don’t need a lot of friends to be happy. When you graduate college and move away from all the people you used to hang out with, you’ll probably find yourself surrounded by fewer people than you have become accustomed to. This gets lonely at times. It is at these times that you might need some help remembering that you don’t need all these friends/acquaintances. You’re pretty damn lucky to have one to three true, close friends who stick by you through it all.

7. “It’s really hard to say congratulations without sounding sarcastic” -Ann Perkins


Sometimes it’s really, really hard to feel happy for all those people on your Facebook timeline landing their dream jobs, finding their soul mates, and living out their wildest dreams when you’re schlepping through unpaid internships on top of the job you need to make money and/or feel stuck and don’t know your next step. No one wants to admit that they’re secretly more jealous than happy for someone…so our good friend Ann Perkins went ahead and did it for us.

8. half ass

Pick something you can commit to – a job, an internship, a relationship, and make the commitment. Whole-ass it, if you will. Meandering around, half-assing a few different things, is not likely going to get you very far.

9. treatyoself

Buy the shoes, even though they are way outside of your budget. Eat an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies…for no other reason than you can (and they’re freaking delicious). It doesn’t matter what your indulgence is, what is actually important to remember is that life is short, and life is hard – so take the time to indulge in the little pleasures sometimes.

10. “I think you’ve got several options. They’re all terrible…but you’ve got them” -Chris Traeger


Ain’t that the truth. As much as we hate to admit it sometimes, we almost always have choices…but part of being a functioning adult member of society seems to be accepting when they’re all terrible…and making one anyway.

11. dramahappiness

We tend to get wrapped up in drama, whether it’s with friends, a significant other, or simply our own internal struggles. It can become all too easy to think that being surrounded by drama is the same as keeping busy doing things you truly enjoy. So as our good friend Ron Swanson tells us, remember that drama will never equal happiness.

12. 0percentsure

 “So, what are you going to do next?” If you are in college, or have recently graduated college, chances are you hate this question with a burning passion. You know what? I’m doing my best to try and figure that out myself, and having literally everyone else ask me as well actually isn’t helping me figure it out any faster. But if we could just lay off for a while, because, just like our good friend Chris Traeger, the only thing I am sure about is that I do not know what I”m doing.

So, there you have it. The best of the best when it comes to Parks and Rec quotes (at least, when it comes up summing up adulthood). Hopefully these can assist in getting you through this difficult, post-Parks and Rec world.

Featured image via Screengrab from Parks and Recreation


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