Why Michelle Obama Is The True Definition Of A Girl Boss

Do you think Michelle Obama is Beyoncé's Beyoncé?— Cameron Esposito (@cameronesposito) July 26, 2016 If you haven’t seen Michelle Obama’s...

7 Tips To Help You Take The Best Nudes On Your iPhone

In the days of hormone-fueled sexting and unsolicited d*ck picks, there’s no way to survive without a trusty iPhone....

I’m A Single Mom, And Sometimes I Just Want A Shoulder To Cry On

People often seem surprised when I share that I'm a single mom. Apparently, I seem very put together, my...

To The Greatest Person Who Has Ever Come Into My Life: Thank you

Throughout life, we meet so many different people, each one holding a specific meaning and position in our lives....

Losing ‘It’: A Collection of V-Card Swiping Moments

Doing “it.” Popping your cherry. Giving away your flower. Knocking boots. Losing your v-card. Going all the way. Bumping...

Everything You Need To Know About Pregnancy Food Cravings

Often during pregnancy, once the morning sickness has passed, soon-to-be mothers will experience food cravings for specific foods. Family...

I’m An Independent Woman, But I Still Want To Be Pampered

On my 18th birthday, I went to the biker tattoo parlor and got my navel pierced — alone. Later...

How Moms Can Break Out Of The Unrealistic Expectations Placed On Them

Most moms know exactly what mom shame and mom guilt feel like. It’s become a part of our daily...

Stress After The ‘Yes’: How To Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

“Wedding bells? Seems more like loud fire alarms to me.” Finding Mr. Right or Mrs. Right feels like a challenge...

How It Feels To Experience Grief Over Your Unexpected Pregnancy

I’ve always dreamed of motherhood. But still, when my period was late, and then later, and then too late,...

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