6 Practical Steps To Help You Plan Your Wedding After COVID-19

Have you postponed your wedding due to the COVID-19 outbreak and don’t know how to plan a post-pandemic wedding? While it’s a very difficult time for everyone with no end in sight, eventually conditions will improve and you can continue planning one of the best days of your life.

However, if you feel overwhelmed on where to start, check out these six practical steps to plan your wedding after COVID-19:

1. Fix Your Wedding Date

With any wedding, most of the planning can’t begin until you pick a date. Due to the outbreak of novel Coronavirus, though, you may need to postpone your original date. Try to select a new date that will hopefully fall after lockdowns lift and people can travel. Furthermore, keep local government guidelines and your guests’ needs in mind when rescheduling and booking a venue. You may need to think creatively so that people can maintain social distancing if needed.

2. Say No to a Destination Wedding

Since international travel will likely remain off-limits for a while, planning a destination wedding may prove an impossible task. Instead, just plan a local wedding so that you can ensure the safety of your guests and feel more in control of the planning process as it unfolds.

3. Host an Intimate Wedding

Even if you go to great lengths to book a spacious venue, it may be difficult to maintain social distancing during your wedding day. So consider hosting a small, intimate wedding instead of a fancy affair. In addition to limiting guests, you can also space out chairs and keep families together. At the entrance of your wedding venue, you can place a custom wedding welcome sign to greet your guests and a wedding seating chart that instructs guests where they should sit.  

4. Choose Vendors Carefully

Typically you book your vendors and caterers months in advance. Due to COVID-19, though, you probably cancelled or rescheduled all your previously established bookings. Before moving forward with your vendors, check if they will still be available for your new wedding date. Consult the vendor to see what practices they are following to ensure the wellness of their team members and what sanitation methods they are using to make sure their products arrive germ-free to your wedding. Also, ask them if their product availability has changed as some vendors are experiencing shipping delays or changes in products as a result of the pandemic. Finally, try using local businesses, so you can be assured about the supply of flowers and other items on your special day.

5. Consider DIY or Eco-Friendly Options

The pandemic has obviously affected the world economy. If you and your partner lost jobs or suffered other financial losses, try saving money by using eco-friendly, DIY decorations! In fact, you can use drapes, flowers, and other household items to decorate your wedding venue. Not only will you save a lot of money, but you can invite friends and family members to help you put everything together and reconnect while you work.

6. Use E-Main Invitations

Scientists keep finding more ways that the Coronavirus can spread without direct human contact, and this includes through paper products. So instead of snail-mailing invitations, safeguard your guests by sending digital wedding invitations though your email or social media platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp. You can also create a wedding website and put all the information guests need on it.

Planning a wedding after COVID-19 may feel like an overwhelming endeavor. However, you can use these tips and local government guidelines to help you make the best decisions possible for this amazing day. Regardless of how the details work out, your wedding day will still allow you to connect with your partner in a new, exciting way.

Featured Photo by Analise Benevides on Unsplash



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