38 Reassuring Reminders That Every Single Girl Needs To Hear

There are times  where women feel alone and defeated, what we seek s reassurance that whatever we’re...

To The Girl Who Is Feeling Angry, You Are Allowed To Be Mad

To the girl who is feeling angry, I am here to tell you that, despite what you...

10 Things That’ll Hit Close To Home If You’re A Former Girl Scout

National Girl Scout Day is March 12th. Today, we thank Juliette Gordon Low, the Girls Scouts’ founder...

Republican Lawmakers In Tennessee Push Back On Tampon Tax Exemption

During the last few weeks of summer, many are gearing up to...

It’s Time To Stop Slut Shaming Women For These 8 Things

The word “slut” has been thrown around so casually that, at this point, every woman has been...

Educate Yourself This National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Today is National Women And Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day so let’s do some educating! For those of...

The 4 Most Common Ways Women Self-Sabotage When Looking For Love

Dating in the modern world can be tough, especially when you self-sabotage. Most of the time, though,...

How To Choose The Perfect Thong That Won’t Show Any Panty Lines

It doesn’t matter how good a woman looks; visible panty lines ruin everything. However, there are a...

Wear Red For Women Day: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

February is American Heart Month, and February 7th is National Wear Red For Women Day to...
bonus mom stepmother mom and child

I Can’t Have My Own Kids But Being A Bonus Mom Completely Saved Me

When people used to ask me if I had any children, it always ended up being a...

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