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This Is Why I Love Everything About Being A Woman

Being a woman isn’t always easy. We have to deal with so many struggles that men don’t,...

4 Self-Love Rules That’ll Lead You To Health And Happiness

Thanks to our patriarchal society, entire generations of women learned that they should take care of everyone...
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5 Modern Reasons Women Don’t Want To Have Kids

Some women don’t want kids -- although society may assume we all do. Here are the 5 modern reasons why women are re-thinking motherhood.

To The ‘Happy Girl’ Who Hides Behind Her Smile

We all know a girl who always seems happy. She manages to keep her cool in any situation. She’s...

I Didn’t Want To Have Kids Until I Found Out That I Was Infertile

From an evolutionary standpoint, a woman’s sole purpose in the world is to have kids. We perpetuate...

To The Girl That Has Forgotten Her Worth, You Deserve So Much More

Every word he ever said to you remains imprinted in your head. His anger and hateful words...
pregnancy announcement

7 Creative Ways To Tell Your Partner That You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most important times in any woman’s life.

Why Brooke Davis Is The Most Underrated Female Role Model

If there’s one TV character that all millennial women can relate to it’s Brooke Davis from One...
feminist podcast ladies

11 Feminist Podcasts You Need To Listen To Today

These feminist podcasts are taking down the patriarchy, one issue at a time.  The...

Why The Lyrics Of “Death by a Thousand Cuts” Truly Speak To Me As An Assault Survivor

Last month, Taylor Swift released her seventh album, Lover. I think this...

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